Your Stuve

The Student Representation stands up for your interests as a student at FAU. It doesn’t matter whether it’s at the departmental level, university-wide or Bavaria-wide.

Students from your own degree program form the “Student Council Initiative for the Re-introduction of the Constitutional Student Body” (FSI for short), the first point of contact in your studies. They organize introductory events for first-year students and parties, and collect old exams. They also work on your examination regulations in the study commission! The FSI is essential for contact with professors in your own department and for a good study atmosphere. In addition, many other university groups contribute to the representation of student interests.

In working groups of the Student Representation (Stuve), students work on common goals across departments and often also across faculties. You can get involved at any time to advance projects and solve problems. Your cooperation is important and desired!

One of the most active working groups in the recent past was the one for the introduction of a semester ticket. This group paved the way for a solidarity-based semester ticket not only with flash mobs, but also through negotiations with the Studiwerk and the VGN.

The student representation at the faculty level (Faculty Student Council, FSV for short) and university-wide (Student Council), which is determined by the annual university elections, represents student interests vis-à-vis the faculty and university management for two semesters and staffs the student committees.

This includes, among other things, the Stuve Speaker’s Council, which manages the day-to-day business of the Student Council and, for example, looks after its finances, and networks and administers the committees of the Stuve. If you have ideas for improving the conditions of study, problems in your studies or simply have questions, please contact!

In addition to the various working groups, FAU students are also involved in many university committees, commissions and boards at FAU, as well as in supra-regional associations of student representations. Your involvement is also needed there!

According to the Bavarian Higher Education Act (essentially Article 52, paragraph 4), the tasks of the student representation are:

  • Representing the professional, economic and social interests of the students of our university
  • cross-faculty issues of student participation in university bodies
  • Promotion of intellectual, artistic or sporting interests of the students
  • Maintaining relations with all students