Student General Assembly

The first meeting of all students took place in November 2010. Since then it has been held regularly.

The meeting of all students – VaS

At the VaS, all FAU students gather to discuss a wide range of topics relevant to FAU students and to vote on how the Student Council (the body that represents us students) should approach certain topics. The VaS is thus the grassroots democratic element of the student representation. However, the Convention can reject positions with a simple majority and justification.

In order for this kind of democracy to work, however, it is extremely important that as many students as possible attend the Convention and get involved.

Aims of the VaS

  1. The assembly should activate the students.
  2. The meeting sould inform the students.
  3. The university-wide communication between students should be promoted.
  4. The communication between student representatives and students should be promoted.
  5. Students should be able to participate as directly as possible in the decision making process through the assembly of all students.

Rules of Procedure

The basic order of FAU, excerpt: § 25 (5) 1 The Student Council may convene a meeting of all students of the University once per semester. 2 The time and place for this shall be determined in agreement with the university management. 3 No courses shall be held during the meeting.

There are no general rules of procedure for the VaS. If necessary, one can be developed in advance, which will then be applied (this is the case until 2011, the then Rules of Procedure as PDF). Since 2012 no rules of procedure have been used.


The Student Council has convened a meeting of all FAU students. The Convention has formed a working group to carry out the meeting of all students. Every interested student can participate in this working group. The working group meets regularly to plan and finally carry out the VaS. If you are interested, want to express criticism or the like, you are welcome to write an email to the working group: