Student Initiatives

Here you can find a list of the student groups and initiatives at FAU that are supported by the student representations (Stuve).

Support for the Stuve may include the financing of advertising material or the provision of rooms at the FAU. Our guidelines for support are set out in the corresponding position paper of the Student Council.

The displayed descriptions and social media links were written or provided by the university groups themselves.


[ki’ta:so] [kitaso]

[ki’ta:so] is a student initiative at FAU. Every semester we organize a short film festival, where we give young filmmakers the chance to present their films to a bigger audience on the cinema screen of the Lamm-Lichtspiele in Erlangen.

The [ki’ta:so] team consists mainly of students of theater and media studies, but in general all students of FAU are welcome. Our team is divided into different groups such as marketing, public relations, social media, sponsoring, design as well as a production team for our promotional video and a group for the organization of the event itself. @kitasofau @kitaso_fau 30 Mitglieder


AES Student Section Erlangen-Nürnberg [AES]

We are a group of audio enthusiasts who likes to share their passion for audio with others. Therefore, we have regular meetups, organize events, invite experts, and participate in conferences. Whether you are interested in audio research or engineering, recording or reproduction – you are welcome to learn, exchange, and have fun with us! @aes.erlangen_nuremberg 10 Mitglieder


AG Junge Lebensmittelchemie [AG JLC]

The Association of Young Food Chemistry (AG Junge Lebensmittelchemie, AG JLC) represents food chemistry students and doctoral candidates at German universities, food chemists in their practical year as well as those starting their careers. We are a working group of the Food Chemical Society (Lebensmittelchemische Gesellschaft, LChG), a division of the German Chemical Society (Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker, GDCh). We aim to support the interests of young researchers, to encourage communation between universities and to make the profession of food chemists better known. Many companies are looking for employees who have precisely the skills of a food chemist but are not aware that the degree exists or do not know it well enough – we want to change that! In order to achieve our goals, we are constantly expanding our established information network and try to encourage as many students as possible to actively participate in the AG JLC. The Erlangen regional group meets once a month and twice a year all regional groups gather for a national meeting during which national projects are discussed. For further information check out @AGJLC @ag_jlc @ag_jlc 10 Mitglieder


AIAS Erlangen-Nürnberg e.V. [AIAS]

At the beginning of 2017, AIAS Erlangen-Nürnberg e.V. was founded as a non-profit student association to raise awareness about blood cancer. The association is under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Mackensen, Chief Physician of Haematology and Oncology at the University Hospital Erlangen, and is part of AIAS Deutschland e. V.. We have made it our task to educate young, potential life-savers about blood cancer and thus create a basis on which everyone can consciously decide whether they want to register. To this end, we organise information events as well as registration campaigns at our university in Erlangen and Nuremberg. @Studierende gegen Blutkrebs - AIAS Erlangen-Nürnberg e.V @aiaserlangen 20 Mitglieder


Amnesty International Erlangen Hochschulgruppe [AI]

Amnesty International is the largest human rights organization in the world. As a university group in Erlangen, we work as part of Amnesty International on a regional level, addressing various human rights issues. Human rights are rights that everyone possesses simply by being human. We strive for a future where every person enjoys these rights. We are always open to new ideas, topics, and people who want to get involved. We look forward to having you join us! @AmnestyUniErlangen @amnesty_uni_erlangen 6 Mitglieder


Association Internationale des Étudiants en Sciences Économiques et Commerciales [AIESEC]

AIESEC is the world’s largest youth-led organization and we are dedicated to providing young people with immersive, high-impact intercultural exchange experiences.

Our Local Committees allow students to take their first step in this organization by becoming team members, team leaders, or vice presidents in the departments of each Local Committee. Here they learn to act according to AIESEC’s six core values (Strive for Excellence, Demonstrate Integrity, Activate Leadership, Act Sustainably, Enjoy Participation, Live Diversity) and, most importantly, to develop in their personality the characteristics of leadership. @aiesecde 11 Mitglieder


ARENA – der jungen Künste e.V. [ARENA]

The ARENA-Festival is being organized by students from the FAU and has represented different formats of performance art, dance and body theater for 30 years. The concept of the festival focuses on contemporary, interdisciplinary, multimedial and experimental productions, that have developed independently from institutionalized theater systems. For five days, artists from around the world are being invited, to showcase their projects that deal in a formal or content-based way with the respective festival motto. The 33rd international week of the young theater is going to take place from June 21st-25th 2023 under the motto CHAOS. @ARENA...of the young arts @arenaoftheyoungarts 20 Mitglieder


Akademische Damenverbindung Eostarae Erlangen [ADV Eostarae]

We as ADV Eostarae Erlangen are an association of female students of the metropolitan region Erlangen-Nuremberg-Bamberg, who support each other as well as other female students both academically and in their personal development, according to our principles friendship-equality-striving.
To this end, we organise various events for further education and balance.

We are a progressive, non-political, non-denominational and non-fencing sorority This also gives our members the opportunity to meet new people from all disciplines, both in Erlangen and throughout Europe.

You want to know more about us? Then check us out on Instagram and our website! 🙂 @ADV Eostarae @adv.eostarae 24 Mitglieder


Akademische Verbindung Landsmannschaft Onoldia [AVL! Onolida]

We are a community that is there for each other and organizes both our studies and our free time together.
As a bond for life, our members are there for each other for life and are always ready to help you with advice and action.

Every Wednesday we meet for a regulars’ table at 8:00 p.m. in the Spittlertorzwinger 3 in Nürnberg. Every student of the FAU, the Ohm or any other university is cordially invited! There is food and drink for YOU!
In addition, we accompany the semester with smaller parties, trips to other connections as well as a big club birthday. @AVLOnoldia @@avl_onoldia_nuernberg 14 Mitglieder



BEST (Board of European Students of Technology) Erlangen e.V. [BEST Erlangen]

BEST Erlangen is a local group of the organisation BEST which is distributed in 30 countries in Europe. Since 1989 we have been offering students throughout Europe communication, cooperation and exchange opportunities.
BEST strives to help European technology students become more international by helping them better understand European cultures and developing the capacity to work internationally.
We therefore create opportunities for students to meet and learn from each other through our academic and non-academic events and educational symposia.
In Erlangen we organise events such as EBEC (student competition), Hackathons and BEST Courses. As a member you have the opportunity to travel within Europe and meet people from all around. @BEST Erlangen @best_erlangen @besterlangen 25 Mitglieder


BLLV Studierendengruppe Erlangen-Nürnberg (Bayerischer Lehrer- & Lehrerinnenverband) [BLLV SG Erlangen-Nürnberg]

We, the BLLV student group Erlangen-Nuremberg, are part of the largest teachers’ association in Bavaria.
Our group currently consists of 20 student teachers from all types of schools.
We represent the interests of student teachers vis-à-vis politicians and stand up for a better education of all teachers in Bavaria.
This includes demands for improvements in the first state examination and more practical relevance in the studies (e.g. with a practical semester).

You are important to us!

That’s why we offer local events to get to know other student teachers (e.g. pub quiz, zoo rally) and practical training opportunities (e.g. How to talk to parents).
In addition, there are information events for the 1st state exam and the transition to the traineeship.

In addition, as a BLLV member you receive access to all state exams, discounted exam preparation courses and can gain teaching experience abroad with the BLLV.
At our team weekends, you can network with numerous student teachers and teachers from all over Bavaria, building valuable contacts for your future.

If you have any questions about your studies, please don´t hesitate to contact us at any time.
We look forward to meeting you at one of our events! 🙂

Here you can become a member for free: @BLLV Studierendengruppe Erlangen-Nürnberg @bllv.studierende.erlnbg 20 Mitglieder


bonding studierendeninitiative e.V. Hochschulgruppe Erlangen-Nürnberg [bonding]

With events such as the bonding company contact fair, excursions, career night, engineering competition, workshops, etc., we want to make it easier for students to start their careers and enable them to make contact with their favorite companies.
Furthermore, we would like to give students useful tools in the field of professional qualifications to make it easier to find themselves in the professional world. With our slogan “Experience what you can become” we would like to show the students as well as our members what is possible for you! @bondingErlangenNuernberg @bonding_erlangennuernberg 15 Mitglieder


Börsen- und Wertpapierverein Nürnberg e.V. [BWN e.V.]

BWN e.V. is an independent non-profit association based at Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg.

The purpose of the association is to supply students and interested parties with background knowledge accompanying the lectures on topics of the stock exchange to provide insight into theory and practice of banking and finance. We realise this through an extensive range of contents, e.g. we offer a wide range of magazines for free (Handelsblatt, Financial Times, Capital, Focus, WirtschaftsWoche, Euro and so on), expert analysing tools (Aktienfinder, AlleAktien, TraderFox also for free) and events, like workshops with companies, certification lectures for “Börsenführerschein” and trips to the stock exchange.

There is a regular get-together at a different bar on the first thursday of the month and a meeting to analyse the situation at the stock exchange two weeks after the get-together. At the meetings we will make investment decisions for our club portfolio.

Our aim is to provide our members with basic knowledge to get a better understanding of the capital markets which enables them to make independant rational short and long term investment decisions.

We are currently present at the Faculty of Business, Economics and Society at Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg and at the Technical University Nuremberg Georg Simon Ohm.

Interested? Feel free to join our WhatsApp group for further information:

Or write us at: bwnev @bwnonline @bwn_online 677 Mitglieder

Bread & Butter – Smash Ultimate Turniere [BnB]

Organizing Smash Ultimate Tournaments and open for all evenings where you can just come around to play and meet new people. Our venue is the Zett9 in Fürth, a chilled locations and lots of Club Mate! Everybody is welcome, no matter your level of playing. You can find all the informaion on our social media platforms. @/ @BnB_Smash @bread_and_butter_smash_fuerth 10 Mitglieder


Bridge an der Uni/ Bridge course at the FAU []

Mental exercise – typical for universities but rather not for university sports, still that’s what we do: we play Bridge as a university sport.
We’d like to get students excited about it and play it together at the university. Who’s into learning new things as well as keeping on learning for a long time and who isn’t afraid of practicing a seemingly old sport, is at the right place with us. We’re supported by a local bridge association. 2 Mitglieder

btS Life Sciences Studierendeninitiative e.V. [btS]

With over 1000 active students and PhD students at 27 locations throughout Germany, we are the largest student initiative in the field of life sciences. The btS sees itself as a bridge between industry and university and, in the spirit of networking, organizes among other things excursions, advanced training/workshops and company contact fairs, but also company presentations with a focus on career entry for scientists. Of particular interest are successful and locally based companies. und @btS-Erlangen @bts_erlangen und bts_ev 1000 Mitglieder



Debattierclub der FAU [Debattierclub]

Convincing other people of a position with precise arguments is not only an important skill in life, but also fun. We debate British Parliamentary style or German Open Debate style, with both the motion and the debater’s position being drawn at random.
Participants benefit from the improving of their public speaking and argumentation skills, it is also excellent training for quick, rational thinking. Debaters learn to distinguish good arguments from bad ones and to recognize and employs heuristics and linguistic framing.
We are planning to offer a weekly english Debate soon. If you are interested, please contact us by e-mail. 15 Mitglieder


der Trichter e.V. [Trichter]

Der Trichter – the volunteer student café in Nuremberg’s city center
We cook – Monday to Friday we provide students and staff with coffee and home-cooked meals with student-friendly prices.
We offer space – During opening hours, the cozy vaulted cellar with its atmospheric paintings, wooden tables and many, many plugs is open as a study and recreation room.
We organize student life- For many decades the Trichter has been a go-to place for WiSo students and students of all faculties. We organize meetings, parties, bar tours and once a year a big openair summer party.

You can find us in the WiSo faculty building in Findelgasse 7/9 @der TRICHTER @der.Trichter 28 Mitglieder



The LISTE is a higher education policy group of the extreme centre.
We want to gain sole power at the university, represent the concerns of the StudentX, and promote beer culture at the FAU.
We meet occasionally to drink beer. Oh, and we also talk about something to do with university life and the next actions we’re going to take. @@ListeFAU @@liste_fau 4 Mitglieder


Die Linke.SDS Erlangen-Nürnberg [SDS]

Die Linke.SDS is the largest socialist student association in Germany. We are organized at more than 60 universities nationwide and invite you to change the universities and the world together with us! The world is becoming more and more unjust and the climate crisis now threatens us acutely in Germany as well – capitalism can only fail as a system. Inflation has also exacerbated the social situation of students and is driving more and more of us further towards the poverty line. While politicians give us energy saving tips, corporations fill their pockets with profits. We oppose this together and develop ideas for a better future. We can only fight for a society based on solidarity if we work together. For this we need a strong socialist voice at the universities, in society and above all we need each and every individual. We are looking forward to you! Feel free to visit our homepage, follow us on social media, come to one of the plenaries of our local group and join us! @DIE LINKE. SDS Nürnberg @sds_nuernberg 10 Mitglieder



EELISA student group [EELISA student group]

The EELISA student group is a platform for student projects on the topics of sustainability and innovation. We try to tackle global challenges locally at FAU and together with students from our eight EELISA partner universities all across Europe. We try to make the opportunities that the EELISA alliance offers to students, more known at FAU. Summer school in Pisa, Think Tank in Madrid or workshop in Istanbul – we spread the news among FAU students! @eelisa_fau 12 Mitglieder


eSports Erlangen [ESE]

True to our name, we are the local place to go when it comes to eSports.
The focus is on our community, where we bring together like-minded students with a passion for our sport. You\’ll find everything here: from community nights to Uniliga, from pub nights to big events.
discord.ggDmDhbcREyf @E-Sports Erlangen @eSportsErlangen @esports.erlangen 40 Mitglieder

ETG Kurzschluss e.V. [ETG]

ETG Kurzschluss e.V. is the university group of the VDE at Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. The association exists before especially students from the fields of electrical engineering, information technology and communication technology, mechatronics and other engineering disciplines of our university, who want to actively shape their studies. The ETG Kurzschluss offers the possibility for this. Excursions to companies, seminars, lectures, regulars’ tables and a company contact fair – we will put all this into practice in the course of a year. At our regular ETG meetings, where the board of directors meets team leaders and interested parties, we plan the tasks to be performed. In spite of all the work, the fun do not come off badly! That is why, for example, there are events such as the annual demonstration of the Feuerzangenbowle, the ski excursion and the ERSTI camp.

With us, students study with fellow students from other semesters and disciplines gain insights into companies and exchange ideas with professors out.
etg kurzschluss e.v. @etgkurzschluss @etg.kurzschluss 400 Mitglieder


Evangelische Studierendengemeinde [ESG]

As Protestant student and university communities, we are there for people who study, teach and work at universities and take part in the life of the universities. We take our time, offer pastoral care and support and accompany you in your search for orientation. We open up space for encounters and dialogue. We offer a home for community and lived faith.
Everyone is Welcome – no matter who you are or from where you are. @esgErlangen @esgErlangen 50 Mitglieder


Evolonic [Evolonic]

Evolonic is an interdisciplinary team of students from the FAU. As part of the project, the team has been developing electric, long-range drones and sensor systems since 2018.
Evolonic @Evolonic @evolonic 25 Mitglieder



FAU Buchclub [Buchclub]

Reading alone in peace is nice. But it is way better when you can meet up with other book lovers and talk about what yuu read which gives you a bigger insight in the book. That is the goal of this book club. Together we choose books that we will read month by month and meet up to talk about them. With this you get to know not only new people, but also new authors or genres that you would not have considered before. This club gives you many new insights in the world of books. @buchclub.fau 20 Mitglieder


FAU FabLab [FAU FabLab]

Welcome! The FAU FabLab is a workshop that is open for everyone. You can come and learn to use machines like lasercutter, 3D printer, vinyl cutter etc. to create your own do-it-yourself projects. We also have basic tools and compressed air so that you can, for example, repair your bike. @FAUFabLab @FAUFabLab @fau_fablab 30 Mitglieder


FAU Security Team [FAUST]

FAUST is the Capture-The-Flag (CTF) team from Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg.

We are (mostly) students from FAU, who are interested in IT-Security and regularly play CTFs.

CTFs are hacking competitions, where you are presented with different IT-Security challenges to solve. @fausecteam 30 Mitglieder


FAUst aufs Auge e.V. [FAA]

Founded from the university sports course improvisation theater. We play improv theater together and also enjoy performing on stage. We also continue to offer a new beginners’ course every semester through the university sports program (currently all in German). @faustaufsauge @faust_aufs_auge_erlangen 25 Mitglieder


Förderverein der @membacher.WG [membacher.WG]

The association of the @membacher.WG was founded in Erlangen and deals with issues concerning the @membacher.WG. E.g. culturally important contributions in social networks, support of sustainable projects, procurement of available rooms for FAU students. @membacher.wg 15 Mitglieder


funklust e.V. [funklust]

We all share one thing: our passion for radio, video and web journalism.

Every week we produce at least two live radio shows and regularly publish videos on our YouTube channel. You can also publish your own articles on our website. There are no limits to your creativity.

We organise regular workshops so that you can get started right away and see what’s possible at funklust. At the same time you can build up your soft skills for your portfolio!

The team spirit is our top priority. That’s why we regularly organise team events such as our legendary team weekend. We look forward to seeing you! @funklust 30 Mitglieder



GEW Studis FAU [GEW Studis FAU]

We are students and student workers at FAU who are active in the Education
and Science Union (GEW) to promote our interests as students and future
employees of the university, in education or in science.

Together we get involved politically, organize and go to demonstrations,
and information events. We fight for good teaching and good employment
conditions at the university. We deal with political and social issues and
fight against racism, sexism and homophobia.

At our meetings we discuss union work, organize our campaigns, do
university tasks together or even move a meeting to a pub 🙂

Everyone is welcome and will find a place in our group. @gewstudisnbg @gewstudisfau 20 Mitglieder


Grüne Hochschulgruppe Erlangen [GHG]

We are a university political group that campaigns for ecology and social justice at the university. From time to time, we organize events on topics related to sustainability, social change, or whatever else is on our minds, and otherwise we get involved in university politics, especially in the Student Convention.
Nationwide, we are in contact with other groups through the Campusgrün network. @ghgerlangen @ghgerlangen 7 Mitglieder


Gummibären [Gummibären]

We are a group of people who love (vegan) gummy bears and who are committed to improving the study conditions at FAU, more inclusive and fairer student participation and a more colourful university.
In addition to (university)-political topics, we also have a lot of fun! @gummibaeren_fau 5 Mitglieder



HSG Erlangen-Nürnberg [HSG ER-NBG]

We are the first contact for all current and former FES members, liaison lecturers and selection committee members in Erlangen and Nuremberg.

A strong network of FES members needs our participation! In the university groups, we have the freedom to decide for ourselves what our involvement in the HSG can look like. Our activities are then organized by ourselves, which is why we do quite different things. For example, we meet regularly for a regulars’ table, organize discussion rounds on the situations at our universities and on all kinds of (political) topics. We also visit cultural events together or think about how the FES can become even more visible at our universities.

In short: In the HSG we get to know each other personally, meet in a relaxed atmosphere, exchange ideas, develop new ideas and plan actions.
If you have any suggestions or concerns, feel free to contact us or share them directly in the group.

Involvement in the university groups is diverse and possible at any time! Whether you are a new member or have been involved for a while, we look forward to getting to know you!

Link to the What’s App group: @Veronika Gossen 40 Mitglieder


High-Octane Motorsports e.V. [Octanes]

We at High-Octane Motorsports e.V. are a non-profit association and university group at FAU. Since our founding in 2007, we have been developing a racing car for Formula Student every year. This is a design competition in which university teams from all over the world compete against each other in various disciplines. On the one hand, these include the races, but the technical implementation and business management criteria are also evaluated. Since the 2018 season, our racing cars have had components for autonomous driving, and since 2021 they have also been powered purely by electricity.
Thus, our team is composed of various technical (aerodynamics, chassis, suspension, powertrain, electronics and driverless software) and non-technical sub-teams (organisation, business plan and cost report). This interdisciplinary combination is so unique that we bring together students from all faculties. High-Octane Motorsports e.V. @High-Octane Motorsports e.V. @Octanes_News @highoctanemotorsports [snapchat]-[/snapchat] 340 Mitglieder


Hochschulgruppe Amnesty International Erlangen [HAG AI]

Amnesty International is the largest human rights organization in the world.
As a university group in Erlangen, we work as part of Amnesty International on a regional level. Human rights are rights that everyone has because they are a human being. We work to ensure that one day everyone will have these rights. @amnesty_uni_erlangen 8 Mitglieder


Hochschulgruppe Säkularer Humanismus [hsh]

The university group Secular Humanism is committed to secularism, scientific communication and a productive culture of debate. We are organized as a university group of the Giordano Bruno Foundation (gbs) and are networked with the many different university and regional groups of the gbs throughout Germany.
We also organize joint events with the other humanistic associations in the region. @gbs_fau_ohm 8 Mitglieder




We at IAESTE organize free paid internships abroad for students in the STEM subjects at FAU in over 80 countries worldwide (Outgoing). There are around 3,000 internships worldwide, and around 20 internships per year in Erlangen. We also take care of the interns here in Erlangen and the surrounding area (Incoming).
In addition to many summer weekends in Germany and Europe, you can continue your education and connect at several national and international conferences. We also regularly organize events for our members.
In Germany, IAESTE is part of the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service). @iaestelcerlangen 13 Mitglieder


iGem Team Erlangen [iGem]

Our group takes part in the International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) competition, which is an annual repeating competing in the field of synthetic biology. Every year new students group together (mostly about 15-20 members) and work for one year on a self choosen project, that deals with word wide or regional problems with the help of synthetic biology. Every team organizes their finances, lab work, social media and human practices (social events). @igemErlangen @iGEM_Erlangen @igem.erlangen 22 Mitglieder


International Student Committee [InStCo]

InStCo is the first international student to participate in the history of Friedrich-Alexander-Universität and the university elections for convent since 2021.
The International Student Committee (InStCo) has set itself the goal of representing the interests of international FAU students and attaches great importance to diversity.

It wants to represent the interests of international students at FAU and primarily advocates the issues of diversity, transparency and sustainability.

Our objective : To represent international students in the Council who will deal with all current issues related to international students and beyond.*

Our mantra is diversity in mind and body. 50 Mitglieder


International Women’s Café [IWC]

We are a group of female students that wants to bring young women together. We meet once every month at the Women’s Center (Frauenzentrum) Erlangen for coffee, some cookies or cake and a nice chat with other women. If you want to spend some nice hours with new people, just come by for a cup of tea. @WomensCafeERL @womenscafe.erl 2 Mitglieder


Int-WiSo e.V. [Int-WiSo]

We are a student association aspiring to connect all students of international programs and foreign students at the WiSo.
As most of our members study International Business Studies or Economic Studies, we aim at bonding students from these study programs.

We organise company presentations, factory tours, plan fun activities and parties for all Int-WiSo members. @intwiso 120 Mitglieder



jDPG Erlangen [jDPG]

Youth Group of the German Physical Society.
We organize lectures by professors, excursions and irregularly other events, such as physics competitions. 10 Mitglieder

Journey to the End of the Night – Erlangen [Journey Erlangen]

The city spreads out before you. Rushing from point to point, lit by the slow strobe of fluorescent buses and dark streets. Stumbling into situations for a stranger’s signature. Fleeing unknown pursuers, breathing hard, admiring the landscape and the multitude of worlds hidden in it.

For one night, drop your relations, your work and leisure activities, and all your usual motives for movement and action, and let yourself be drawn by the attractions of the chase and the encounters you find there.

Journey Erlangen is a race through the city’s streets. You will run (or walk) from check point to check point to your final destination. But be careful! Avoid the chasers and don’t get caught! If you do get caught — catch ’em yourself! Now your one of THEM.
aktuell kaputt, eigentlich @JourneyErlangen @JourneyErlangen @journeyerlangen 15 Mitglieder


Juso Hochschulgruppe Erlangen – Nürnberg [Juso HSG]

As a political student group, we are open to students of all disciplines.

We are united by the belief that the fundamental values of freedom, justice and solidarity are what need to be represented and defended at our university today, as they have been in the past. @jusos.fau @usohsgfau @jusohsg.fau 27 Mitglieder



Kamerunischer Studenten Verein im Raum Erlangen-Nürnberg [Kasen e.V]

Kasen is an association of Cameroonian students which covers Erlangen, Nuremberg and the surrounding area. Our association advocates mutual aid and the sharing of culture. We also offer numerous workshops in several areas, notably academic, societal, cultural, economic and personal development. @Kasen e.V. @kasen_e.v 35 Mitglieder


Katholische Hochschulgemeinde [KHG]

We are the KHG, the catholic college community.

We are an interdisciplinary, open minded, interreligious and intercultural community, composed of many students from different countries.

We are frank with students from every branch of study, every country, and every religion and confession.

We offer community and social-gathering, free-space for increasing your own faith and spirituality, chances for social engagement as well as sportive, cultural and free-time activities. @KHG.Erlangen @khg.erlangen 50 Mitglieder


Koreanische Studenten Initiative Erlangen-Nürnberg [KOIN]

KOIN is Korean student group which aims to be a networking platform for all Korean students in the area of Erlangen-Nuremberg. We hope to create a cultural exchange by organizing cultural events. @139277459109460/ @koin_erlnue 3 Mitglieder



LBV-Hochschulgruppe [LBV]

We are a a association of nature-loving students und PhD students from different Universities in Bavaria. Here you can find friends and like-minded people.

The LBV-student groups are part of the Naturschutzjugend belonging to the LBV. We want to pass on the practical and professional enthusiasm for Nature and the feeling of community. As member of our group we want just one thing: Get out into nature and learn about the different plants and animals. @lbv_hochschulgruppe_fau 14 Mitglieder


Lehr:werkstatt e.V. [L:W e.V.]

In November 2020, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, a few committed Lehrwerkstatt alumni from Erlangen founded the organisation “Lehr:werkstatt e.V.”. It was created by and for both students and teachers from all universities taking part in the internship project “Lehr:werkstatt” with the objective of supporting it and driving it forward.
The organisation is thus taking on a supportive role for people and institutions already involved in the project as well as future participating parties. We aim to create an independent network of former and future participants and encourage communication both within the project’s realms as well as outside of them. As the project’s face and voice, the organisation also motivates communication with other parties of the educational sector and intends to act as a support association for the project itself.
The organisation offers a variety of advantages to their members, some of them being:
1. Monthly get-together:
The focus of these events is to foster the exchange between future and current teachers as well as other participants in the educational field. The members are offered thematic input in different formats, which serve as an encouragement for interindividual discussion of the topics being dealt with. The participation in our monthly get-togethers is optional, interested parties can join on their own accord, interest and free-time.
2. Market of materials In our market of materials, members of the organisation exchange different materials for their studies, clerkship or lessons in the
classroom. In the spirit of sharing, participants can thus use uploaded materials for their own purposes and simultaneously give back to the group by
uploading their own.
3. Other Moreover, we offer additional activities, events, workshops, field tips and alike. The topics tackled offer a wide range and are always fitted to the wishes and needs of our members. @lehr.werkstattverein 15 Mitglieder


Leo-Club Erlangen-“Markgraf” [Leo-Club Erlangen]

What is Leo?

At Leo, young people between the ages of 16 and 30 help out with activities wherever their help is needed. For example, in the organization of charity events or in the direct support of homeless people, people with disabilities or street children.

Leo is the youth organization of Lions Clubs International with the motto “We serve”.

Every single club realizes the individual ideas of its members for service projects in the surrounding region, which makes the commitment of us Leos stand out in many facets. Your political and denominational attitude takes a back seat, your personal commitment comes to the fore. But fun is not forgotten either, because in addition to activities, there are also regular events where you can meet new Leos.

At Leo, you learn to take on responsibility, to deal with challenges and thus for life.

Here you get to know committed people like you. Friendships are formed and you become part of a network that enables you to get started anywhere. And not only in Germany. There are Leos all over the world – currently 6,644 clubs in 145 countries. Or in other words: exchange, contacts and friends from Berlin to Tokyo to Chicago – in short: cross borders and discover new horizons. @leo.erlangen @leocluberlangen 20 Mitglieder


LHG Erlangen-Nürnberg [LHG ER-NUE]

Advance organization of the FDP at colleges @lhg.erlangen.nuernberg @lhg_er_nue @lhg_erlangen_nuernberg 30 Mitglieder



Marketing zwischen Theorie und Praxis e.V. [MTP]

MTP – Marketing zwischen Theorie und Praxis e.V. is the largest marketing student initiative with a total of 19 locations nationwide. Our goal is to give interested students an insight into the workfield of marketing. MTP has been a successful development platform for young people in the marketing industry for over 40 years. This claim is achieved through cooperation with companies, professors, alumni and students. @mtp_nuernberg 3600 Mitglieder


Medizin & Menschenrechte Erlangen [M&M]

We are a group of motivated young people who are concerned with the broad topic of human rights and, in addition to refugee aid, are dedicated to many other exciting projects around the topic of “medicine and human rights”. For example, we want to facilitate access to medical care for people without papers, asylum seekers and homeless people. We offer a contact point where people can turn to and then be referred for medical treatment.
We volunteer for an open, helpful and tolerant society and, in addition to human rights, also discuss socially critical issues such as women’s rights, racism or the situation of refugees. @MedMensch @ag_med_und_menschenrechte_er 10 Mitglieder


Mit Sicherheit Verliebt [MSV]

Mit Sicherheit Verliebt is a project of the AG Sexuality and Prevention of the bvmd. Since 2002, medical students as well as students of other faculties have been working together in our local group. We voluntarily offer sexual education for students following a sex-positive and inclusive approach. Therefore we make use of the principle of peer education and promote a healthy, self-determined and reflected view on sexuality, relationships and love.
We visit students aged 11 to 16 years in various types of schools in Erlangen. To guarantee a successful day in class, we provide our members with a nationally acknowledged training program. @msverlangen 26 Mitglieder



ROCK YOUR LIFE! Metropolregieon Nürnberg [RYL! Metropolregion Nürnberg]

ROCK YOUR LIFE! began in 2008 as a student initiative and is an education and consulting company operating in five countries. Our vision is more educational justice and equal opportunities. The ROCK YOUR LIFE! vision is to recognize and develop hidden potential.

We at ROCK YOUR LIFE! Metropolregion Nuremberg are one of over 50 locations across Europe where we continue to drive the implementation of this vision day by day – with our unique and award-winning mentoring program R!EACH, one of the largest mentoring programs for more educational equity in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands and Spain. We connect university students with pupils in a unique 1-to-1 mentoring process. We train university students as mentors and place them with pupils and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. They then successfully help them cope better with school and everyday life and make plans for a successful future. @ROCK YOUR LIFE Metropolregion Nürnberg @rockyourlifenuernberg 5 Mitglieder


Refugee Law Clinic Erlangen-Nuremberg e.V [RLC]

The Refugee Law Clinic Erlangen-Nuremberg is an initiative founded in 2015 by Erlangen law students to support refugees. We offer refugees free legal advice on questions relating to asylum and residence law and work closely with Prof. Farahat, lawyers and other aid organizations. @rlc_erlangen 100 Mitglieder


Ring Christlich Demokratischer Studenten Nürnberg e.V. [RCDS Nürnberg]

The RCDS Nuremberg e.V. is a party-independent university-political association, which represents the interests of its members as well as all its voters in the committees of the university. The goal is to improve the study conditions at FAU in the medium term.
In addition, the RCDS actively shapes student life in Nuremberg: Through numerous events and networking events, a semester-spanning exchange among students is made possible.
In addition, the RCDS is organized statewide and nationally and can thus influence Bavarian and German education policy. @rcdsnuernberg 110 Mitglieder


Ring Christlich-Demokratischer Studenten an der Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Hochschulgruppe Erlangen e. V. [RCDS Erlangen e.V.]

We, the Ring Christlich-Demokratischer Studenten Erlangen e.V., are a political university group. According to the motto Party & Politics we organize seminars & events for political education as well as social evenings, parties and much more. You can also meet us every Tuesday during the semester at 8:00 pm in our rooms in the Adenauer-Haus, Neue Straße 34, 91054 Erlangen. @rcdserlangen @rcdserlangen 100 Mitglieder


Robotics Erlangen [Robotics]

Experience the excitement of robotic soccer! As a member of our university group Robotics Erlangen, you will be part of a team that develops small, fast and fully autonomous soccer robots on wheels. From the mechanical design to the electrical circuit design and the programming of artificial intelligence, our students take on every step of the process. Join us and shape the future of robotic soccer! @robotics.erlangen @roboticserlangen 25 Mitglieder


Rotaract Club Erlangen [RAC Erlangen]

Rotaract is a service club and one of the largest youth organizations in the world, with more than 180,000 members from 7,500 clubs in about 160 countries.

Rotaract consists of three pillars:

Learning includes, in particular, lectures or company visits designed by members or externs, exhibition , concert or theater visits. Occasionally, Rotaractors are also invited to attend lectures at Rotary clubs (their sponsor clubs).

Helping refers to projects or events such as the “Buy One More Thing” campaign in supermarkets, where customers are asked to buy one more product for a good cause and hand it in to Rotaract members. The collected goods are mainly given to local food banks or other people in need.

Celebrations are held at the club, district and international levels. For example, there are charter parties, Christmas parties, or benefit parties.

Translated with (free version) @Rotaract Club Erlangen @rotaract_erlangen 15 Mitglieder



Senkrechtstarter Initiative e.V. [Senkrechtstarter]

Our programme is aimed at prospective “first-time graduates” as well as prospective students with a migrant background and would like to support them in taking up a course of study. In sponsorships between committed students and pupils, personal counselling and support are used to compensate for existing information deficits in relation to taking up a course of study and to provide general orientation in relation to future-oriented questions. @initiative_senkrechtstarter 14 Mitglieder


SKY Campus Nürnberg [SKY Campus]

SKY Campus Nürnberg is an International Student Initiative dedicated to building a resilient and mindful community at FAU. Through our focus on meditation, breathwork, and yoga, we address various issues such as mental health, emotional intelligence training, social connection, and service to society. Join us for our weekly events based on evidence-backed practices and be part of our vision for happy and mindful campus communities. Together, let’s thrive in life, lead with clarity of mind, resilience, purpose, and a sense of belonging. @SKYCampusNuernberg @skycampusnuernberg 11 Mitglieder


SMD Nürnberg [SMD Nürnberg]

Are you an international student at the FAU? Then join our international group and bring your friends! We are students from many different countries and we look forward to welcoming you! Just send us a mail (, 015735699469) and drop by!
We meet every week in order to…
… enjoy food together.
…discuss different topics and find out together, what the christian faith and the Bible says about them.
… meet people from different countries and find new friends.
… get to know German culture and learn to speak the language @smd_nuernberg 40 Mitglieder


sneep Erlangen [sneep Erlangen]

sneep Erlangen is a local group of the student network for business and corporate ethics sneep e.V. We deal with various topics concerning sustainability as well as business and corporate ethics and carry out practical projects on these topics, mostly in cooperation with other initiatives. @sneepErlangen @sneep_erlangen 10 Mitglieder


sneep Nürnberg [sneep]

sneep stands for “student network for ethics in economics and practice”. Our association has set itself the goal of stimulating critical discourse on ethical and sustainable management in theory and practice. As a multidisciplinary network of students, trainees, doctoral candidates and young professionals, we want to bring sustainability and ethics more into business and science.

We want to encourage people to think outside the box of classic economics and thus show opportunities for business in the 21st century. @sneep Nürnberg @@sneepnuernberg 15 Mitglieder


Sozialistische Gruppe – Hochschulgruppe Erlangen/ Nürnberg []

Analyses of current social, economic and political events; scientifically based criticism of society and capitalism; promotion of political awareness at universities in the metropolitan region. @sozialistischegruppe 6 Mitglieder


Space Gene [Space Gene]

Space Gene is a student initiative at FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg that aims at encouraging fellow students and the public to participate in Space Tech. Our main goal is to democratize space technologies, exploration, travel, and colonization.

We act as a networking platform for students who are interested in space technologies to help them find opportunities and realize themselves in this area. We welcome students from diverse backgrounds and specialties, and we are open to anyone who wants to support the development of technologies and/or the business ecosystem for space exploration and colonization. Through our projects and events, we aim at popularizing space tech and helping students to find job opportunities in this area, create their own projects and startups, exchange insights and experience, and just have fun! Space is in our genes, that’s why we are here to make your dreams about space come true!
space-gene @space_gene_fau 20 Mitglieder


START Erlangen-Nürnberg e.V.[START Nuremberg]

we unite student entrepreneurs

We want to be the first place in the Nuremberg region to go to for passionate students who believe in their own ideas and making an impact in the world through startups.
We want to bring talents together and let their own ideas and initiatives flourish within our community. This is made possible through active knowledge exchange and insightful projects resulting in extensive personal development. @START Nuremberg @startnuremberg 54 Mitglieder


Studenten bilden Schüler [SBS]

We are a voluntary organization offering educational help for pupils from poorer backgrounds, who struggle to keep up in school. @sbs.erlangen 80 Mitglieder


Studentenmission in Deutschland [SMD Erlangen]

The SMD is a network of Christian students and graduates. As a university group in Erlangen, we see our selves as a place for all, who are interests in the Christian believes.
Whether in small groups or with talks given by professionals, the international student group or in the discussion group (Apologetic Group) about the compatibility of faith and science: We create an open room for community and the possibility to think about faith critically. Next to that we also have a lot casual come togethers, f.e. on weekend trips, game nights and other activities.
We come different faith backgrounds and study different subjects, from first Semester to Master. You are always welcomed, whether you believe or not, or how long you are already here! @smderlangen 50 Mitglieder



Technik ohne Grenzen e.V. Regionalgruppe Erlangen [TeoG]

Implementation of projects in development cooperation: Support for equipment maintenance and provision of technical solutions for the disposal of clinical waste at hospitals. Improvement of teaching conditions at schools in third-world countries. @technik_ohne_grenzen 40 Mitglieder



Unterwegs e.V. [Unterwegs]

We are a Christian student group and for us that means that we are open to everyone. No matter what you believe, you have a place here.
We want to build a student community where many ideas, opinions, and cultures can come together. That’s why we organize weekly events in our space (for example: Cafe English, Mahlzeit, Open Hours), where you can meet new people, or simply take a break from a busy day at Uni.
We would love to meet you! 20 Mitglieder


UNICEF-Hochschulgruppe Nürnberg [UNICEF-HSG]

Every child in the world has the right to a childhood – we as the UNICEF University Group Nuremberg help on a voluntary basis to make this right a reality.

Our primary task is to raise awareness about the situation of disadvantaged children. @UNICEF-Hochschulgruppe Nürnberg @@unicef_nbg 15 Mitglieder



V – das Studimagazin [V – das Studimagazin]

We provide journalism by students for students on our blog “V – das Studimagazin”. You’ll find articles about everyday life at uni, books, films, theatre, interviews, commentaries and more. Whether you’re new or experienced, everyone who wants to try their hand at journalism is welcome to join us! If you need credits for your key qualifications you can earn up to 5 ECTS while being active with us. @V - das Studimagazin @VdasMagazin @vstudimagazin 40 Mitglieder


VDI Young Engineers Erlangen [YE Erlangen]

The Young Engineers Erlangen is the university group of the VDI and consists of active students from various disciplines of the Faculty of Engineering. We dedicate ourselves in our free time to offer other students great events around the topics of technology, studies, and career entry, such as company excursions, softskills and programming seminars. Every year we also organize the company fair “CONTACT” together with ETG – Kurzschluss.
Nevertheless, we do not miss the fun part and we organize both internal team events, such as laser tag games or canoe trips, as well as external events, such as the Ersti-Camp or, together with the ETG, the Feuerzangenbowle.
Everybody can be part of our university group! By puting your own ideas to practice, you can not only play an active role in shaping the daily life at the university, but also build up an interdisciplinary network. @- @- @young_engineers_erlangen [snapchat]-[/snapchat] 20 Mitglieder


VWI Hochschulgruppe Erlangen-Nürnberg e.V. [VWI]

The Association of German Industrial Engineers (VWI) addresses all students of industrial engineering and management at FAU. Our university group builds the bridge between university and industry.

Open meetings are held regularly during the semester, where working guests from various industries tell about their life path and everyday working life. Excursions are also offered in order to provide insights into different companies. Furthermore, we offer our members the opportunity to improve their soft and hard skills at workshops.

We are also the organizers of the Laufgelage, a running dinner event with over 3500 participants, where you can participate in the project design.
VWI Hochschulgruppe Erlangen-Nürnberg e.V. @VWIErlNbg @vwi_erlangen 130 Mitglieder


Verein Chinesischer Studenten und Wissenschaftler Erlangen-Nürnberg e.V. [VCSWE]

We are an association for Chinese students and scientists in Erlangen and organize daily activities for Chinese students. For example, at the beginning of each semester we hold a welcome party for new students coming to FAU.
In addition, we also support Chinese students with free study and life counseling if they have problems studying at FAU or if they have problems in life in Erlangen. 30 Mitglieder