Working Group for Teaching and Studies

The Working Group for Teaching and Studies (Ref LuSt) deals in general with all topics related to the design of teaching and studying at the FAU. Participation in this working group is open to all students. If you are interested in the topic, simply contact us or come to one of our sessions!


Contact Person: tba
Contact Address:
Next Session: All sessions and meetings of the student representatives can be found in our calendar. If you don’t find what you are looking for, just write to the above address!

Tasks and Current Topics

In the following some tasks and current topics of the working group are listed exemplarily. These lists are by no means complete and if you want to introduce a new topic, we are always open for your ideas!


  • Point of contact for revising examination regulations
  • Point of contact for problems in appeal committees
  • Resolve overarching issues with audit-related issues
  • Keep contact to the FAU Department L (Teaching and Studies)
  • Participate in the FAU Round Table with Vice President Education

Current Topics

  • Eliminate symptom obligation
  • Publish exam dates earlier
  • Reduce resignation periods
  • Disable obligation to register for exam
  • Make attendance more useful
  • Production of a guideline for student representatives in appointment committees
  • Abolish limit on retry attempts for examinations