Faculty of Engineering

FSV Tech now has its own website where you can find more detailed information.If you have any questions, simply contact fsv-tech@fau.de.


Here are your elected representatives:

Braun, Carina Johanna, Görnert, Carina, Grunow, Saskia, Kotschenreuther, Tim, Lieb, Jannik, Peppel, Christian, Raab, Jan, Rieger, Jan, Schering, Marco, Tessema, Betelhem, Tietgen, Kai, Weiß, Silvan, Montag, Nils, Mons, Ruben, Wickel, Lars,

Spokesman of the Faculty Student Council is Raab, Jan, in the Faculty Council are Görnert, Carina, Peppel, Christian, Raab, Jan, Rieger, Jan