Faculty of Engineering

The task of the student council of the Faculty of Engineering is to represent student interests at TechFak vis-à-vis professors, university management and the public. This includes, for example:

  • Reviewing and revising university decisions from a student perspective
  • Sending of four members to the Faculty Council
  • Three members sent to the Student Council
  • Constructive proposals for solutions in the interest of the students
  • Improving spatial problems
  • TechFak Sommerfest
  • Campus planning (visual appearance, seating, expansion, etc.)
  • First semester introduction (Ersti booklets, official introduction)
  • Lecture Hall Cinema
  • Participation in the sensible use of tuition fees, now study grants
  • Checking and improving the studyability of degree programmes

We also support the Student Council (uni-wide student representation) in the following areas, among others:

  • Establishment of further functionalities of the “Card for Everything” the FAU-Card
  • semester ticket
  • Bologna Process

If there are problems during your studies, we are the first point of contact with the university management and take care of your concerns. We try to do this by co-determination in the various Committees of the Faculty of Engineering.

Of course we are happy about everyone who would like to support us in the various activities. If you have any questions, please contact us at fsv-tech@fau.de Members

Here are your elected representatives:

Braun, Carina Johanna, Görnert, Carina, Kotschenreuther, Tim, Laube, Nadine, Raab, Jan, Rieger, Jan, Schering, Marco, Tessema, Betelhem, Weiß, Silvan, Zapf, Simon, Hierl, Andreas, Mons, Ruben, Schröder, Conrad, Peppel, Christian, Pfützner, Tobias,

Spokesman of the Faculty Student Council is Peppel, Christian, in the Faculty Council are Görnert, Carina, Hierl, Andreas, Schröder, Conrad, Peppel, Christian