Faculty of Business, Economics, and Law


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We are the student representatives of the faculty of law and economics. Traditionally, we are composed of the FSI Jura, FSI WiSo, FSI WInf, the RCDS Erlangen-Nuremberg, the Juso Hochschulgruppe and the Liberale Hochschulgruppe.

Among other things, our tasks are:

  • The collective representation of the students‘ interests at the faculty of economics and law
  • Contact person for any problems the students may have
  • Contact person for lecturers, professors and the student council administration
  • Administration of the resources of the faculty of economics & law
  • Posting of the student representatives within the committees of the department
  • Promoting students‘ networking through various events
  • Increasing the collaboration between the different student initiatives
  • Statements and decision-making within our conferences

Our conferences take place once a month during the lecture period and are public. The protocols of
each conference can be found here: