Problems in your studies?

You have problems with lecturers, exams or the course of your studies? We are here for you!

But sometimes it’s not easy to keep track of all your contacts, so we’ve created a flow chart together with the university. You can easily follow the arrows to solve your problem step by step or to implement suggestions for improvement.

Flow chart on how to deal with problems in your studies at FAU

You can contact us with a wide variety of concerns:

  • The lecturers are grading unfairly?
  • The exams are too difficult?
  • Your rights are disregarded by the Corona Statutes?
  • You have suggestions on how to improve your studies?
  • Or the study conditions at FAU in general?

You can come to us with all these concerns at any time. But please keep in mind the order as shown in the flow chart. And don’t forget: At FAU, all problems are solved!