Book rooms

You would like to book a room in the building of the student representation for an event? All enrolled students with a connection to the Student Council (e.g. as a member of a supported university group or an FSI) can use our rooms for events with connection to the Student Representation.

With these five simple steps you can book a room:

  1. Find a suitable room for your event in our overview.
  2. Check availability on your desired date on campo*.
  3. Fill out the form with your desired dates online.
  4. Check if one of the event participants has access to the building. If not, make up for it with these instructions.
  5. Conduct session, lecture, movie night, or whatever else you can think of.

*How to find the rooms of Turnstraße 7 on Campo:

  • In the Menu choose “Organisation” -> “Facilities” -> “Show room schedule”
  • In the “Room” box, uncheck the “Suitable for courses” box.
  • Select “Gebäude f. Sprecherrat” in the search field in the “Building” box.
  • Start search
  • Alternatively, you can search for the desired room number (00.012 or 01.013 or 01.015) directly in the “Room” box in the “Description” field (note: the “Suitable for courses” box must not be ticked).

Further regulations for room use:

Basically, the general safety regulations of the WG Occupational Safety (see here – just german) and the fire protection and safety measures catalog (see here – just german) apply to the use of rooms in the building at Turnstraße 7, as they do at other FAU locations.

Here you can also find our house rules (just german) for Turnstraße 7, which must also be observed.