Mittwochsmail – Submit a Stuve newsletter article

Form: Submission of Wednesday mail contributions

We send a newsletter to all FAU students approximately three two weeks. As a supported university group, student council initiative of a study program or as a student council representative, you can participate with your own contribution. Please note that the information in the article should be relevant to all students at FAU. –

We will only consider contributions to the newsletter that submit both a German and English text. Even if your event is held in German, the newsletter should be arranged in a way that all information is also available in the English version.

We have introduced a limit for the number of contributions from university groups. This means that you are allowed to submit a contribution to the Wednesday mail a maximum of 4 times per semester and that there must be at least 4 weeks between two mails with contributions from a group.

– First, we need some general information about you, your group, and your event.

    Die folgenden Informationen kommen in den Stuve Newsletter. Sie werden nicht zwingend korrekturgelesen, also achtet auf klare und kurz Sätze sowie Rechtschreibung. Wir gendern alle Texte mit Stern, erleichtert uns den Prozess bitte, und tut das auch. Beachtet, dass wir Titel und Beitrag sowohl in deutscher als auch englischer Sprache brauchen.
    - The following information will be included in the Stuve Newsletter. They are not necessarily proofread, so pay attention to clear and short sentences and spelling. We gender all texts with asterisk, please make the process easier for us and do the same. Note that we need the title and contribution in both English and German. -

    Links sollten in eckigen Klammern im Text eintragen werden. // Links should be entered in square brackets in the text.