Submit an article for the Stuve newsletter

Form: Submission of newsletter articles

The Stuve regularly sends out a newsletter to all students at FAU. As a supported university group, Student Council Initiative of a study program or as a Student Council representative, you can participate with your own contribution, for example to promote your events. Please note that the events should be relevant to all students at FAU. External groups are also allowed to submit contributions, but it will be carefully checked whether the stuve is willing to cooperate with this group and to be responsible for their contribution.

We will only consider contributions to the newsletter that submit both a German and English text. Even if your event is held in German, the newsletter should be arranged in a way that all information is also available in the English version.

The title should make clear what kind of event it is, as having just the name of the event there can often give too little context to encourage reading (Seminar? Protest? Meeting? etc.). Here’s an example of what that might look like in the end:

We have introduced a limit for the number of contributions from university groups. This means that you are allowed to submit a contribution to the newsletter a maximum of 4 times per semester and that there must be at least 4 weeks between two mails with contributions from a group.

Attention – submission deadline: Currently, the mails are usually sent on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. Contributions that arrive too close to the deadline will not be considered. Please submit them a few days before so that they can still be incorporated into the mail.


The newsletter is usually created early on the 1st Friday of the month, which is why contributions should be submitted by Thursday night at the latest. Contributions that arrive after this time may not be able to be added in time due to testing and revisions.

The mails are currently usually sent out on the 2nd Wednesday of the month.

CURRENT EXCEPTION: Mail 06/24 will not be sent out until the 3rd Wednesday in June (19.06.) to make room for the university election mail.

    First, we need some general information about you, your group, and your event.

    The following information will be included in the Stuve Newsletter. They are not necessarily proofread, so pay attention to clear and short sentences and spelling. We gender all texts with asterisks, please make the process easier for us and do the same. Note that we need the title and contribution in both English and German. -

    Links should be entered in square brackets in the text, they will be hyperlinked to the corresponding phrase in the text.