Positions of the Student Council

Here you will find all the adopted position papers of the Convention.

All these positions were elaborated or confirmed by the Convention of the current term of office (October 2019 to September 2020).

Position paper Studium Oekologikum — September 23,2020

Position Paper of the Student Convention on the Confucius Institute at FAU— September 23,2020

Position paper of the Student Convention Stefan Müller (MdB, CSU) as member of the board of trustees of the FAU — September 23,2020

    Radentscheid Erlangen. — October 17, 2019
  • position paper water dispensers : The Student Convention calls upon the Studentenwerk to ensure that freely accessible water dispensers with still and carbonated water are purchased and operated by the Studentenwerk at all locations of the Studentenwerk. — June 03, 2019
  • position paper_changing_tables: The student convention advocates the relocation of changing tables to generally accessible rooms. — May 14, 2019
  • The Student Convention supports Fridays for Future — April 03, 2019
  • The Student Convention calls upon the University to make it possible to apply for postal voting by means of a form that can be filled out and sent online (for example, via my campus or a similar service). — January 30, 2019
  • “The student convention supports the university group sneep in registering FAU as a Fairtrade University.”, May 2017
  • “The student convention has decided to support the “Bündnis für bezahlbares Wohnen Erlangen”. March 2017.
  • Key qualification for committee work, April 2016: “The Student Convention advocates the recognition of committee work as student representatives as a key qualification.”
  • The Student Convention has decided to support the following position of the LAK Bayern (Landes-Asten-Konferenz) on restricting access to the Referendariat: LAK letter: Referendariat, November 2015
    • , February 2015
  • religion and university, June 2013 “The Stuve sees a need for discussion on ideologically bound and denominational education and research at public universities. For this reason, public universities should also explicitly take a critical look at religion.”
  • Concordat Chairs, October 2018: “The Convention of FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg is against concordat chairs, these should instead be converted into regular chairs.”
  • Ecology, December 2012 (renewed): “ As part of a public corporation, the student council commits itself to ethical and ecological standards in its actions and economic activities. This includes, for example, giving preference to public transport over private cars for business trips, the predominant use of recycled materials in the office and of organic food during the Convention weekend.”
  • Convention Voting Tool, December 2012 (renewed): “The tool on the Stuve homepage allows proposals to be submitted to the Convention. The proposals can be viewed and evaluated by all users. For each proposal that receives at least 20 votes, the Convention must take a position within the next two sessions.”
  • Constituted student body, October 2012: “The Student Convention is committed to the introduction of a constituted student body and thus supports the campaign of the National Conference of Students.”

No longer valid and obsolete positions



  • construction measures from tuition fees, decided December 2012 (renewed), extended June 2016“The Convention is generally against financing buildings or other construction measures or their maintenance from tuition fees, even if these only benefit the students.”
  • Study grant statutes, adopted September 2013, suspended June 2016
    The Student Convention demands that the allocation of study grants (minus administrative costs) be regulated exclusively by the bodies with equal representation.
    The BayHochschG clearly stipulates that students are to be equally involved in the decision on the use of the data.
    Furthermore, no funds should be withheld from the faculties.”