General Student Committee

The General Student Commitee (Sprat) is the executive body of the Student Council. We are the contact persons for general enquiries to the Stuve and in this context also act as representatives of the entire student representation at FAU.

Among other things, we deal with the recognition of student university groups and are responsible for the budget planning of the student council. Together, we make sure that student requests are taken into account when decisions are made by the university.

If you have a concern, you are welcome to come to the meeting. However, we would like you to contact us by email beforehand so that we can inform you of any changes to the meeting time and place.

At the moment we meet weekly on Mondays, starting at 19.00 in Turnstraße 7, please see the brief meeting minutes for more details.

The easiest way to reach us is by email at Please note that after the constituent meeting of the Student Council, the newly elected speakers are usually also on the mailing list, even if their term of office does not begin until October.

Members of the General Student Commitee

Chairpersons of the Student Council

Emil Fischer

Study course: Geography

Further committees: Student Council, ZGS

Working groups:

Main focus: Improving study conditions – equal opportunities for all!

Alina Abel

Study course: human medicine ER/BT

Further committees:

University-wide: Student Council, Commission for Teaching and Studies (Uni-LuSt), Product Committee, Referent for AK Structural reform)

Faculty-wide: FSV Med, Commission for Teaching and Studies (Med-LuSt)

Working groups: Division for Teaching and Studies (Uni-LuSt), AK Structural reform

Main focus:

Improvement and maintenance of the quality of teaching and learning.
Communication between students and teachers/ professors.


Ann-Sophie Scholl

Study course: human medicine

Further committees:

University-wide: Senat,University Council, Student Council, ZGS, BayStuRa, Product Committee

Faculty-wide: FSV Med, Faculty Council of the Faculty of Medicine, Commission for Teaching and Studies (Med-LuSt), StuZuKo

Working groups: AK Versammlung aller Studierende, AK Prüfungsversuche, Referat für Lehre und Studium

Main focus:

    • Networking the various student representatives
    • Student co-determination
    • Improvement of teaching
    • Knowledge transfer and transparent work

Christian Peppel

Study course: Chemical Engineering

FAU Committees: Senate, University Council, Student Council, Central body for the use of study grants, Commission for Research and Young Academics (Student Representative)

Faculty Committees:FSV Tech, Faculty Council of Technical Fakulty, StuZuKo Tech, StuZuKo CBI, StuKo EnTe

Working groups: Division for Teaching and Studies, AK Examination Attempts, AK Structural reform

Main focus:

    • Standardisation and documentation of student representation procedures
    • Improving of teaching conditions
    • Student organisation of events

Former members of the current term

Leon Bernáth (Vice Chairman 01.10.23 – 31.12.23)

Study course: Physics

Further Commitees at university level:  Students Council, Commission for Teaching and Studies (Uni-LuSt)

Commitees at faculty- or department-level: Faculty Council of the Faculty of Natural Sciences,  FSV-Nat, Round Table of Deans of Study of the Faculty of NaturalSciences, Study Grant Commission Physics, Department Assembly Physics

Working groups: Division for Teaching and Studies, Working Group for Examination Attempts

Main Focus:

  • Improving study conditions
  • Student co-determination

Gwyn Rhys Thomas (Memmber of the Speakers Council 01.10.23 – 31.03.24)

Study course: Physics

Main focus:

    • Support in any kind of student commitment
    • Provision of a student-oriented university
    • Interconnecting all students