General Student Committee

The General Student Committee (Sprat) is the executive organ of the Student’s Council.

We hold a public, biweekly meeting currently every Tuesday 8 p.m. at Schuhstraße 19 in Erlangen. There we talk about the everyday business of the representative organs of the Students. The next meetings will take place on 3rd September 2019 and 17th September 2019.

In this round, financial assistance and further support for student university groups are discussed. Together, we also make sure that student wishes are taken into account when the university makes decisions, for example when setting up new courses of study. Students can also come to meetings if the BAföG is cancelled and there are problems with courses or places in dormitories.

The basic rule for the Sprat is: if you are interested, you can simply come by and join in, even if you are not elected. We generally welcome new ideas.

You can reach us via

Current members of the Sprat:

Michael T. Enders

Study: Physics, M.Sc.

Committees: Student Council President, Sprat

Main focus:

Lisa Heger

Study: Medicine

Committees: Student council, FSV Med, Sprat

Main focus:

​Jenefan Krishnan

Study:  Law

Committees: ​Student council, FSI Jura, Sprat

Main focus:

Felix “Mütze” Lammermann

Study: Physics, M.Sc.

Committees: Student council, Senate, Sprat

Main focus:

Aydan Eda Simsek

Study: Political science, M.A.

Committees: Student council vice-president, FSV PhilFak, Sprat

Departments: Department for Political Education (Ref PB)

Main focus:

  • Networking between the faculties
  • Infrastructure of the FAU
    • Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Theology – opening up of new study halls
    • ove to the Himbeerpalast

Simon Wagner

Study: Sociology, M.A.

Committees: Student council, FSV PhilFak, Sprat

Main focus:

Luisa Weyers

Study: Law

Committees: Student council, Senate, Sprat

Main focus:

Henning Zimmermann

Studienfach: Political Science & Theater- and Media Sciences, B.A.

Committees: Sprat

Main focus: