Stuve Tools

    • Stuve-Pad:
      Here you can create a so-called “Pad”. With the right link many people can connect directly to their PCs and smartphones and work on a common text document at the same time.

    • Terminklick:
      You would like to organize a meeting with the members of your FSI? With this tool you can create an “appointment click” that your members can fill in to identify the date when most people have time. You can also use this tool to vote on all kinds of topics.

    • Link shortener from the FSV-Tech:
      For your event you want to shorten a long URL link to make it easier to include it on your posters etc. With this tool you can convert any link into the scheme XX you can determine freely.
    • Stuve-Wiki:
      In our Stuve-Wiki you will find all kinds of information, some of which has been collected over the years. At first glance, the wealth of subpages and information is probably too much. If you know what you’re looking for or if you’re looking for special information like minutes of FSV meetings, you’ll find it quite easy here.