Remove Mail-Virus

Dear students,

unfortunately our newsletter has received an e-mail containing a ZIP archive with a computer virus. The virus does not originate from the student council.  We ask you to delete the file and the email immediately.

If you have downloaded the file by mistake, there are different possibilities:

  • You downloaded it with Android or iOS but did not open it with Microsoft Office: Your smartphone is not infected, but please delete the file.
  • You downloaded the file but did not unzip it: nothing happens. Please delete the file.
  • You downloaded the file, opened it, but did not enter the password: Nothing happens. Please delete the file.
  • You have downloaded, opened and unzipped the file, but you have not opened the Word file with Microsoft Office. Then your computer is probably not infected. Please delete the files immediately.
  • You have opened the Word file with Word: Please scan your computer for viruses, it could be that a virus (Ursnif) has installed itself.

We would recommend you to use a scan tool for computer viruses, e.g.

More detailed information about this topic will be published here.

Update 1: More detailed findings on the virus. Its Ursnif

Update 2:

Further links to the topics:

Warnung vor E-Mail (mit Anhang) von dem Newsletter der Studierendenvertretung