Information: Vaccination prio 3 for student assistants.

As you all saw from our last newsletter email, the vaccination prioritisation has been changed and there is now the option for employed students at FAU to be vaccinated by being prioritised to level 3 at the Vaccination Centre. 
In order for your prioritisation to be adjusted to level 3, you will need to change the following details in the Vaccination Portal:
  •   Working at a university
  •   Selection in the tab “I work in institutions for the maintenance of public life”. 
    • “constitutional bodies/government/administration/judiciary”
    • “in a leading or particularly relevant position”.
To prove your employment status at the university, it is best to take your employee ID (the blue FAUCard) with you as well as, for example, a salary slip.
Unfortunately, according to these rules, writing a Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis without being employed at the university does not qualify for this classification.