Construction talk

The open space on the south campus will be transformed into a landscaped green space with recreational areas; completion is scheduled for autumn 2024. The administration will move completely to the purchased Siemens Campus next year.

Despite a community survey, the naming of the new lecture halls on the southern campus was handed over to a commission, which will also work out the naming strategy for the entire FAU.

Geography will remain in Tennenlohe for the time being, but will move to the Röthelheim campus in the long term. The current catering situation will not change for the time being, as this is the responsibility of Studiwerk.

Further funding for the anatomy was approved in 2021, with completion scheduled in about 10 years.

There will be no relief for the main library until the new branch library opens in the Raspberry Palace; literature from the closed libraries is available via interlibrary loan from the main library. The canteen in the MCO has been increased to 60 seats.