Assembly of all students

When? 8. November 2023, 2 to 4 pm
Where? Großer Hörsaal – Bismarckstraße 1a, Erlangen

We are organising a student general assembly again. At the assembly, we will inform you about current developments at the university in an open discussion.
In the first part of the assembly, we will inform you about current developments regarding student housing, together with experts from the university and beyond.
The second part is open to motions which will be discussed and put to a vote. All students of the university are able to propose and vote on motions.
The student general assembly will take place in the main lecture theatre in Bismarckstraße 1a in Erlangen on 8th November, from 2pm sharp to 4pm. The assembly was invoked by the student convention meeting according to the Statutes of the university. (§25.5 Grundordnung der FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg)
You may submit your motions on the following page:

Come by and get involved, we look forward to seeing you!

Competitive Debating: Freshers’ nights

Convincing other people with precise arguments is not only an important skill in life, but also incredibly fun. During our weekly debates at the FAU Debating Society, we practice exactly this: Participants receive a previously unknown motion and a randomly assigned position in favor or against. They have 15min, together with their team partner, to develop compelling arguments as well as an on-point delivery.

Apart from the chance to improve your public speaking and argumentation skills, competitive debate is also excellent training for quick, rational thinking. Debaters learn to distinguish good arguments from bad ones and to recognize and employs heuristics and linguistic framing.

During our freshers’ nights on October 17th and 24th (18:00 c.t., 0.04 PSG, Kochstraße 6a), we give you an initial overview over competitive debating and practice first argumentation and public speaking techniques. The meetings are open to everyone and any previous knowledge is not required.

Interested? Then come and see for yourself on of the evenings above or join our WhatsApp group. Wanna have a glimpse at what we do beforehand? On our Instagram page you can find pictures of our weekly debate meetings, socials and tournament participations. We’re looking forward to welcoming you for an exciting semester!