Study mentally fit

Dear students,

Study well. Surviving crises. Live happily. Is that possible? Yes! FAU, FAUgesund and Irrsinnig Menschlich e.V. invite you to an exchange about the big and small questions about mental health in your studies.

19.10.2023, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

What you can expect: Exciting facts and figures about studying and mental well-being. You’ll meet people who have overcome mental health crises while studying, are fully engaged in life and want to share their life experiences with you. So you are well prepared for life!

Learn more about:

– Warning signs of mental crises
– Coping strategies
– Support, help and advice at your place of study

Thousands of students have already participated: Now we are looking forward to you!

Study psychologically fit. The forum for students. Authentic. Direct. Intensive.

You can participate without registration, free of charge and anonymously.
You can get access via:

You can find more information at Irrsinning Menschlich e.V.