Open Meeting of HSG Amnesty International Erlangen

Don’t you care about what’s happening around you? Do you sometimes feel powerless in the face of the many crises? It doesn’t have to stay that way; together, we can make the world a better place – at least a little bit.
We from HSG Amnesty International invite you warmly to our next group meeting on November 14th at Villa in Erlangen (Äußere Brucker Straße 49, 1st floor). Anyone who has a passion for human rights, diverse actions, and a cool group is welcome to join us. If you’re interested, please feel free to contact us via email ( or on Instagram (amnesty_uni_erlangen). We look forward to having you!

“Echt oder Fake”

Do you believe in unicorns just because it’s on the internet?
Are you sure that the earth is actually flat?
Have you also been abducted by aliens?

If you can answer yes or no to any of these questions, then “Echt oder Fake” is the perfect event for you! As a group, unmask curious lies that seem real and learn exciting new facts. The perfect mix of science slam and lecture hall quiz! Come along and maybe even win one of our bigger prizes!

The event will take place on 14.11. from 6.30 pm in lecture hall H11 at Cauerstraße 11 in Erlangen. Snacks and drinks will be provided.

News from the Stuve

The new semester has just begun, but there is already a lot going on in the Stuve.
In the first week of lectures with many introductory events, the Stuve was also involved in various events. For example, we had a booth at the freshers welcome in the Heinrich-Lades-Halle and were part of the bike tours that took place in cooperation with the ADFC on October 15 and 20.
On Oct. 26, we held the first regular Convention meeting of this term, where we discussed topics such as the conflict in the Middle East, a press release on the coalition agreement, and making newsletters about prayer services at the beginning of the semester unsubscribable were discussed.
In addition, a Bavarian State Student Council meeting also took place in Erlangen this week. As it was the first meeting of this term, there was an introduction for new delegates on Saturday. At the main meeting on Sunday, we welcomed representatives from 25 universities from all over Bavaria to Erlangen.
Another big event the Stuve was present at last month was the Dies Academicus. Besides a speech, the Stuve also contributed a networking table.
We are also in the final stages of preparing for the Student General Assembly, which will be convened for the first time in a long time. We look forward to seeing some of you and discussing motions. You can find the exact dates in the “Events” section.