Old group list

Here you can find a list of the student groups and initiatives at FAU that are supported by the student representations (Stuve).

Support for the Stuve may include the financing of advertising material or the provision of rooms at the FAU. Our guidelines for support are set out in the corresponding position paper of the Student Council.

The displayed descriptions and social media links were written or provided by the university groups themselves.



AES Student Section Erlangen-Nürnberg [AES]

We are a group of audio enthusiasts who likes to share their passion for
audio with others. Therefore, we have regular meetups, organize events,
invite experts, and participate in conferences. Whether you are interested
in audio research or engineering, recording or reproduction – you are
welcome to learn, exchange, and have fun with us!

aes-erlangen.github.io @aes.erlangen_nuremberg < 10 Mitglieder


AG Junge LebensmittelchemikerInnen [AG JLC]

The AG JLC is a nationally organised and committed group of students, doctoral candidates and career starters whose aim is to promote the interests of young academics and researchers on site and to foster communication between universities.
Furthermore, we want to make the profession of food chemist better known and thus improve the career opportunities.

www.ag-jlc.de @AG Junge LebensmittelchemikerInnen @ag_jlc @ag_jlc 25 Mitglieder


AIAS Erlangen-Nürnberg e.V. [AIAS]

At AIAS, we have made it our task to provide information on the topic of blood cancer in the student environment. We are members of the umbrella organisation AIAS Deutschland e. V., which originated in Munich a few years ago. Anyone who is convinced can register as a potential life-saver right away in order to enlarge the file and give blood cancer patients a second chance at life! Any support is as welcome as a registration! 🙂

aias.de/standorte/erlangen-nuernberg/ @AIASErlangenNuernberg [snapchat]aias_erlangengegenblutkrebs[/snapchat] 20 Mitglieder


Amnesty International Hochschulgruppe [AI]

Amnesty International is the largest human rights organisation in the world.
As an Erlangen-based university group, we work as part of Amnesty International at a regional level. Human rights are rights that everyone has because they are human beings. We are working to ensure that one day every human being is granted these rights.

amnesty-erlangen.de @AmnestyUniErlangen @amnesty_uni_erlangen < 10 Mitglieder


Amnesty International Hochschulgruppe Nürnberg [AI HSG Nürnberg]

You want to know more about human rights? You want to stand up for human rights? Then Amnesty is the right place for you. Here you have the chance to actively participate with your interests and talents. We are happy about every single person who would like to volunteer with us. As a university group, we exchange views on human rights issues, discuss the current human rights situation worldwide and organise events to inform about violations and grievances and to draw attention to them.

amnesty-mittel-oberfranken.de/ @ Amnesty International Hochschulgruppe Nürnberg @Amnesty HSG Nürnberg 15 Mitglieder


Anamnesegruppen Erlangen [AG Anamnese]

Conducting an anamnesis interview with a patient, structure and content of the anamnesis interview, basics of communication and interaction, different types of questions, self-perception and reflection of others, examination of the patient’s fates.

@Anamnesegruppen Erlangen < 10 Mitglieder


ARENA… of the young arts e.V.

ARENA… of the young arts is an international festival for dance, theatre and performance, which has been held annually in Erlangen for 29 years. For four days, groups of artists from all over the world present their productions under the annually changing motto. The contemporary, interdisciplinary, multimedia or experimental productions are realised at various unconventional venues in Erlangen.

Parallel to this, a supporting programme with workshops, concerts, film screenings, discussions and installations provides constant entertainment and artistic inspiration. All festival visitors, helpers, artists and other interested parties are cordially invited to a cheerful exchange and relaxation in our festival centre.

arena-festival.org orga@arena-festival.org @arenafestival @arenaoftheyoungarts 40 Mitglieder


AVL! Onoldia [AVL! Onoldia]

Joint leisure activities, learning to deal with responsibility, having fun, meeting people from all over Germany and beyond.

onoldia.de/kontakt/ @AVLOnoldia 10 Mitglieder



Board of European Students of Technology Erlangen e.V. [BEST Erlangen e.V.]

BEST Erlangen is a local group of the organisation BEST which is distributed in 34 countries in Europe. Since 1989 we have been offering students throughout Europe communication, cooperation and exchange opportunities.
BEST strives to help European technology students become more international by helping them better understand European cultures and developing the capacity to work internationally.
We therefore create opportunities for students to meet and learn from each other through our academic and non-academic events and educational symposia.
\\”Learning makes perfect\\\”, but the ultimate goal is a good workplace.
That is why we offer services such as an international career centre to broaden the horizons for choosing the labour market.

best-erlangen.de @BESTErlangen @besterlangen 20 Mitglieder


bonding-studenteninitiative e.V. Hochschulgruppe Erlangen-Nürnberg [bonding]

We try with events like the bonding company contact fair, Excursions, Career Night, Engineering Competition, Workshops, etc the to make it easier for students to start their careers and to establish contacts with their favourite companies. Furthermore, we would like to be involved in the field of vocational qualification to provide students with useful tools to to find themselves more easily in the professional world. Through our slogan Experience what you we would like to offer our students and also our members the show what is possible for you!

www.facebook.com/bondingErlangenNuernberg/ @bondingErlangenNuernberg @bonding_erlangennuernberg 10 Mitglieder


Bread&Butter – Das Super Smash Turnier in Fürth [BnB]

We host Super Smash Ultimate tournaments for the smash lovers out there. We offer you a relaxed location to play with mate and everything else a gamer’s heart desires. All dates and information about registration and participation can be found on our social media channels!

bit.ly/bnb4_gg @BnB_Smash @bread_and_butter_smash_fuerth 20 Mitglieder


Bread & Butter – Smash Ultimate Turniere [BnB]

We host Smash Ultimate tournaments for all Smash lovers out there. The venue is the Zett9 in Fürth, an absolutely chill-out location with retro sofas and mate. Recently, we have also been taking part as BnB Team in Clan Battles against teams from all over Germany. Everyone is welcome to join us and our tournaments, no matter if you are a hobby gambler or a smash addict! Dates and all other information can be found on our social media accounts!

smash.gg/tournament/bread-butter-4-das-super-smash-turnier-in-f-rth/details @BnB_Smash @bread_and_butter_smash_fuerth 20 Mitglieder


Buchclub FAU

Reading alone in peace is nice. But it is way better when you can meet up with other book lovers and talk about what yuu read which gives you a bigger insight in the book. That is the goal of this book club. Together we choose books that we will read month by month and meet up to talk about them. With this you get to know not only new people, but also new authors or genres that you would not have considered before. This club gives you many new insights in the world of books.
@buchclub.fau 10 Mitglieder


Bund der alevitischen Studenten Erlangen-Nürnberg [BDAS Erlangen-Nürnberg ]

The aim of this group is to bring together all Alevi & democratic students & students from Erlangen and Nuremberg to exchange and implement knowledge, thoughts and projects concerning faith and also Turkish-German politics.

@bdas_erlangen_nuernberg 60 Mitglieder


Bundesverband deutscher Volks- und Betriebswirte Nürnberg [BdVB HG Nürnberg]

The BdVB university group is the student offshoot in Nuremberg of the Bund deutscher Volks & Betriebswirte. Our goal is to strengthen the exchange of students among each other as well as the networking with attractive companies (regional and supra-regional). Whether workshops with industry leaders or regulars’ tables and fun events with other students, with us everyone gets their money’s worth.

www.bdvb.de @bdvb Hochschulgruppe Nürnberg @bdvb_hg_nuernberg 31 Mitglieder


Börsen- und Wertpapierverein Nürnberg e.V. [BWN]

The BWN e.V. is a legally independent association based at Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.

The purpose of the association is to provide students and interested parties with a lecture accompanying the lectures on topics of the stock exchange, banking and finance. to provide insight into (theory and) practice. We realise this through an extensive range of contents and events.
The concrete aim is to provide our members with basic knowledge of which will give them a better understanding of the capital market and therefore rational investment decisions in both the short and long term without being dependent on the goodwill of the financial industry be.

We are currently at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, and at the Technical University of Nuremberg with events are represented.

www.bwn-online.de/ @bwnonline @bwn_nuernberg 630 Mitglieder

Life Sciences Studierendeninitiative [btS]

With over 1000 active students and doctoral candidates at 27 locations throughout Germany, we are the largest student initiative in the life sciences. The btS sees itself as a bridge between industry and university and organizes excursions, training courses/workshops and company contact fairs as well as company presentations focusing on career entry for scientists. Of particular interest are successful and locally based companies.

bts-ev.de vorstand.erlangen@bts-ev.de @btS-Erlangen-340546302709936 @bts_ev 1000 Mitglieder


Debattierclub FAU

Convincing other people of a position with precise arguments is not only an important skill in life, but also fun. We debate British Parliamentary style or German Open Debate style, with both the motion and the debater’s position being drawn at random.
Participants benefit from the improving of their public speaking and argumentation skills, it is also excellent training for quick, rational thinking. Debaters learn to distinguish good arguments from bad ones and to recognize and employs heuristics and linguistic framing.
In addition to our English language debate on Mondays (6:00.pm), the Debating Society holds a debate in German every Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. (also via Zoom). Further information can be found on the website.
blogs.fau.de/debattierclub hsg-debattierclub@fau.de 14 Mitglieder


Deutsches Komitee der AIESEC e.V. in Nürnberg

AIESEC is an international exchange organization that arranges internships and social projects for young people abroad. In Germany we are represented at 37 locations and have 1000 voluntary student members who support us in our mission to create more intercultural understanding in the world. We work with almost 20 partner countries on projects such as education, equal rights, environment, culture and in start-ups

www.aiesec.de/ @aiesecde @aiesec.de 20 Mitglieder


Die Linke.SDS Nürnberg

We are a nationwide student association, which organises itself at the universities, in the committees of student self-administration, during demonstrations and strikes in the streets as well as in lecture halls and seminar rooms. We fight against financial cuts at universities, poor working and study conditions and the lack of master’s degrees. We stand for the development of critical sciences and a research in social responsibility.

linke-sds.org/ @Die Linke.SDS.Nuernberg @sdsnuernberg 15 Mitglieder



The LISTE is a higher education policy group of the extreme centre.
We want to gain sole power at the university, represent the concerns of the StudentX, and promote beer culture at the FAU.
We meet occasionally to drink beer. Oh, and we also talk about something to do with university life and the next actions we’re going to take.
dielistefau.wordpress.com @ListeFAU @liste_fau 20 Mitglieder


Elektrotechnische Gruppe Kurzschluss e.V. [ETG Kurzschluss]

ETG Kurzschluss e.V. is the university group of the VDE at Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. The association exists before especially students from the fields of electrical engineering, information technology and communication technology, mechatronics and other engineering disciplines of our university, who want to actively shape their studies. The ETG Kurzschluss offers the possibility for this. Excursions to companies, seminars, lectures, regulars’ tables, a company contact fair and an excursion to China – we will put all this into practice in the course of a year. At our regular ETG meetings, where the board of directors meets team leaders and interested parties, we plan the tasks to be performed. Afterwards\’s on to the regulars’ table, where we will spend the evening let it fade away together. In spite of all the work, the fun do not come off badly! That is why, for example, there are events such as the annual demonstration of the Feuerzangenbowle, the ski excursion and the WM/EM broadcasts in the lecture hall.

With us, students study with fellow students from other semesters and disciplines gain insights into companies and exchange ideas with professors out.

etg-kurzschluss.de @ETG Kurzschluss im VDE e.V. @etg.kurzschluss 400 Mitglieder


ELSA-Erlangen–Nürnberg e.V. [ELSA Erlangen-Nürnberg ]

As ELSA Erlangen-Nürnberg we are part of a Europe-wide network. As a pioneer in university education ELSA – the European Law Students\’ Association – offers you both academic and practical activities during your studies including experience abroad, international communication, organisation of projects and soft skills.

ELSA offers law students and young lawyers the unique opportunity to develop their personalities, to overcome prejudices and to discover their own internationality through intensive exchange at European level, from the first semester until the start of their professional life.

Apart from the fact that ELSA’s activities are beneficial to every law student, the active participation allows you to gain experience at an early stage in many areas that are relevant in professional life – project management, negotiation techniques and teamwork are just a few examples.

No matter if you want to participate in the largest civil law moot court in the German speaking countries, travelling abroad for law schools or conferences, English language competitions or contact with students from other universities in Germany but also all over Europe – ELSA makes something of your studies!

www.elsa-erlangen.de @ELSA-Erlangen-Nürnberg e.V. @- @elsa_erlangen_nuernberg [snapchat]-[/snapchat] 500 Mitglieder


eSports Erlangen e.V. [ESE]

True to our name, we are the local place to go when it comes to eSports.
The focus is on our community, where we bring together like-minded students with a passion for our sport. You\’ll find everything here: from community nights to Uniliga, from pub nights to big events.

esports-erlangen.de @E-Sports Erlangen @eSportsErlangen @esports.erlangen 40 Mitglieder


Evangelische Studierenden- und Hochschulgemeinde Erlangen [ESG]

Offer of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria for all FAU members and young adults. We see ourselves as a Christian congregation, but faith or denominational ties are no conditions to participate in our activities. We have several central meeting points (Tuesday evening with church service, food, program; Wednesday noon with midday prayer and lunch) and small groups with different focuses, e.g. an international choir, an inter-religious discussion group or a political discussion circle. All meetings are open to all interested parties. The program is determined by the congregation each semester. There is a local council, which is newly determined every semester.

esg-erlangen.de @EsgErlangen 150 Mitglieder


Evolonic offers students from a wide range of disciplines the opportunity to participate in innovative projects in the field of electromobility and aviation. From engineering to economics to graphic design for social media presences, everyone can make their contribution here, because own motivation and interest in the projects is our priority. Final theses and internships are also supervised here. As a student team based at the Faculty of Technology, we offer a wide range of opportunities to gain professional skills and explore new and interesting areas of research. The team is engaged in the development of long-range electric drones for the New Flying Competion and other international design competitions. In addition, the team is currently working with the Erlangen Fire Department on technology for early detection of forest fires by drones.

evolonic.de @Evolonic @evolonic 30 Mitglieder



FAU FabLab

See https://fablab.fau.de/was-ist-ein-fablab/ 🙂

fablab.fau.de @FAUFabLab @FAUFabLab @fau_fablab [snapchat]N/A[/snapchat] 30 Mitglieder


FAU Security Team [FAUST]

preparation for, organisation of and participation in competitions in the field of IT security (capture-the-flag competitions)

faust.cs.fau.de @fausecteam 20 Mitglieder


FAUst Aufs Auge e.V. [FAA]

Founded from the university sports course Improvisation Theatre. We play improvisational theatre together and also enjoy being on stage.

www.improtheater-faust-aufs-auge.de @faustaufsauge @faust_aufs_auge_erlangen 15 Mitglieder


Förderverein der @membacher.WG

The association of the @membacher.WG was founded in Erlangen and deals with issues concerning the @membacher.WG. E.g. culturally important contributions in social networks, support of sustainable projects, procurement of available rooms for FAU students.

@membacher.wg < 10 Mitglieder


Friedrich Ebert Stiftung [FES]

The university groups are the smallest organisational unit within the scholarship holders of the FES and as a regional contact point a supporting pillar of the scholarship network. In addition to the events of the scholarship holders’ working groups, the activities of the university groups form part of the educational programme, which is organised by the scholarship holders themselves, but is supported in terms of organisation and content by the team of the Idealistic Funding. In close coordination with the FES, the university groups organise seminars and excursions and cooperate with FES country and regional offices. Currently, FES funding recipients are organised in over 60 university groups in Germany and abroad.

30 Mitglieder



We are the campus media at FAU and we give you the opportunity to try out radio, video and web. We broadcast live from our radio studio at least twice a week and regularly publish videos on our YouTube channel. You will learn ournalistic work, how to use the camera and studio equipment and how to speak in front of camera and microphone.

Whether it’s campus topics, the latest music or world news – with us you can do what you find exciting. On our homepage you can also upload and publish your own web articles. Again: Find a topic and hit the keys.

Our editorial office is based on a good team spirit. You can always rely on the help of experienced editors: Here everyone helps everyone, wherever they can. Because we all have the same goal: having fun with radio and making videos! Everybody can take part, just have a look at our homepage or our YouTube channel and write us an email.
funklust.de @funklust @funklustde @funklust.de mail@funklust.de 20 Mitglieder



Games Screening

The Games Screenings at ITM Erlangen is a student initiative for the public viewing and discussion of computer and video games.

@FAU Games Screening @gamesscreening.fau < 10 Mitglieder


GeoBotanik-Zirkel [GBZ]

As a scientific student circle we want the disciplines of botany, zoology, geography, geology, mycology and everything else that can be area geobotany plays into, on our excursions.
The main goal was and is to combine the research activities of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg in the meantime no longer existent geobotany in this way, to preserve, pass on and deepen the existing knowledge At We offer like-minded people excursions and field biological hiking tours. There is also the possibility to go on the regularly held circle meetings and also the Not to let sociability come too briefly.

http://geobotanik-zirkel.de 14 Mitglieder


GEW Studis FAU

We are student teachers, student employees and others Students who are members of the trade union Education and Science for use their interests as students and future employees.
Together we take to the streets, organize information events and but also leisure activities such as bowling evenings, regulars’ tables and parties. We stand up – against racism, sexism and homophobia – for good working conditions for all university employees, including student employees! – for a fair BAföG – for high quality teacher training – for good education for all regardless of their (social) background One of over 180 student Become a GEW member at the FAU: https://www.gew.de/mitglied-werden/
(student membership fee of 2.50 is paid in Bavaria by the regional association taken over)

@GEW Studis Nbg/Fü/Erl @gewstudisfau @gewstudisfau 20 Mitglieder


Grüne Hochschulgruppe Erlangen-Nürnberg [GHG]

We are a higher education policy group that promotes ecology and social justice at the university. From time to time, we organize events on topics related to sustainability, social change or whatever else is on our minds, and otherwise we get involved in university politics, especially in the student convention.
Nationwide we are in contact with other groups through the Campusgrün network.

http://ghg-erlangen.de/ @Grüne Hochschulgruppe Erlangen Nürnberg (GHG) @ghgerlangen < 10 Mitglieder



We are a group of people who love (vegan) gummy bears and who are committed to improving the study conditions at FAU, more inclusive and fairer student participation and a more colourful university.
In addition to (university)-political topics, we also have a lot of fun!

@gummibaeren_fau 15 Mitglieder



High-Octane Motorsports e.V. [Octanes]

High-Octane Motorsports e.V. is a registered non-profit association and at the same time a university group of the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg.
As Formula Student Team we build innovative racing cars every season and participate in international competitions. Since our foundation in 2007 we have been building racing cars for the combustion category. Since 2018, we have been developing an autonomous vehicle every year and this season, for the first time, an electrically powered racing car. All tasks necessary to achieve this goal are solved within the club and without any professional help. Our members develop their own concept, design in CAD and manufacture the racing car. Before the races, the vehicle is subjected to various tests by us to ensure safety and performance.
The club is composed of students from all faculties of the university, who acquire specialized knowledge independently at work and learn practically about automotive engineering, manufacturing technologies and economics. This interdisciplinary combination of the technical and economic fields is unique and a feature of Formula Student, in which the racing car is evaluated not only from a technical but also from a financial point of view.

www.octanes.de @octanes @Octanes_News @highoctanemotorsports 180 Mitglieder


Hochschulsegelgruppe Erlangen e.V. [HSGE]

The HSGE, Hochschulsegelgruppe Erlangen, was formed around the year 1979 from sailing enthusiastic students and members of University.
The Members of this loose association sailed during the semester break and took friends and students on their cruises, to show them the beauty of sailing.
From these approaches, a regular training program was developed in cooperation with the university, which led to the foundation of the \”Hochschul-Skippervereinigung Erlangen e.V.\”, in 1996. In 1999 the association changed its name to \”HSGE e.V. Hochschulsegelgruppe Erlangen e.V\” after its origin.

The association bears the name Hochschulsegelgruppe Erlangen e.V. (HSGE e.V.).
Seat of the association is Erlangen.
The association should be registered in the register of associations.
The association is a member of the Bavarian Sailors’ Association.
The association is a member of the German Sailors’ Association.
www.hsge.de @HSGEeV 90 Mitglieder


Hochschulgruppe Säkularer Humanismus [hsh]

As members of the Student Initiative Secular Humanism (hsh), we campaign for modern evolutionary humanism, based upon a secular and scientific-rational worldview and the aim of enabling the free development of the individual. We are organized as a student group of the Giordano Bruno Stiftung (gbs), which was founded for promoting this worldview. Important topics to us are, among others, science communication – especially where research touches on matters of ethics and the human self-conception -, animal rights, the commitment to human rights, the promotion of a calm and productive culture of debate, as well as criticism of religions and ideologies.

@gbs_fau_ohm info@gbs-fau-ohm.de gbs-fau-ohm.de @hshErlangenNuernberg 5 Mitglieder

IAESTE LC Erlangen

We at IAESTE organise worldwide internships aborad in more than 80 countries for free and also take care of the local interns here in Erlangen. Besides many summer weekends, you can also learn and connect at several national and international conferences.

iaeste.de/erlangen/ @iaestelcerlangen @iaeste.erlangen 10 Mitglieder


iGEM Team Erlangen [iGEM]

Our group takes part in the International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) competition, which is an annual repeating competing in the field of synthetic biology. Every year new students group together (mostly about 15-20 members) and work for one year on a self choosen project, that deals with word wide or regional problems with the help of synthetic biology. Every team organizes their finances, lab work, social media and human practices (social events).

@igemErlangen @iGEM_Erlangen @igem.erlangen 20 Mitglieder project-igem@fau.de


Int.-WiSo e.V. [Int.-WiSo]

As Int.-WiSo we represent the students of the international Study courses at the WiSo faculty in Nuremberg. Since we mainly members of the International Business Studies program have, it is a matter of concern to us, the sense of community within our course of studies to strengthen. Team events are very important to us.

We also offer students guided tours of our plants and Company presentations Insight into various companies located in and around Nuremberg company. There they can then register for Apply for student jobs or internships.

@Int WiSo Nürnberg @intwiso 130 Mitglieder


International Women’s Café

We are a group of female students that wants to bring women together. We meet every month for coffee, some cookies or cake and a nice chat with other women. You can just join us, have a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake, and talk to us. If you just want to have some nice hours with great people, we’re happy to meet you. If you have problems, we’ll do our best to help you find a solution.

@WomensCafeERL < 10 Mitglieder


Internationaler Nürnberger Akademikerbund e. V. [INAB e. V.]

INAB e. V. is a registered university group at the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg. We are a voluntary association of Muslim students and our goal is to connect international and Muslim students at FAU and other universities in the region and to be a platform for exchange. Furthermore, we try to represent the international and Muslim community as best as possible at FAU and to enforce their interests.

But what are we doing concretely? We undertake various activities, including weekly talks and reading circles. We also organize seminars, workshops, and courses to promote further education. Besides, we also organize cultural and leisure activities such as visiting museums, exhibitions, and cinemas. We also organize city trips in Germany, but also abroad. In addition to all the activities already mentioned, we also organize a collective fast-breaking meal in the month of Ramadan every year. Finally, we try to connect high school graduates and freshmen with experienced students, so they can benefit from their experience by organizing StudyDays for example.

You can get more information about INAB e. V. and upcoming events on Instagram.

@inab.nbg @INAB_eV @inabev 11 Mitglieder


ISAAC Studierendeninitiative [ISAAC]

Hi! We are ISAAC, a student initiative that is dedicated to regular interdisciplinary exchange. Here you can find answers to a wide variety of scientific questions and form your own well-founded opinion, even on topics outside your field of expertise. From blockchain to diabetes, from organoids to the prisoner\’s dilemma: In our meetings, we deal with a wide variety of topics from all areas of science.
Our weekly meetings take place in digital form (video conferencing) and consist of a technical lecture followed by a discussion round in a relaxed and personal atmosphere.

www.isaacthink.com @isaacthink1 @isaacthink 20 Mitglieder



jDPG Erlangen [jDPG]

Youth Group of the German Physical Society.
We organize lectures by professors, excursions and irregularly other events, such as physics competitions.

www.dpg-physik.de/vereinigungen/fachuebergreifend/ak/akjdpg/regional/rg-erlangen-nuernberg 10 Mitglieder


Journey Erlangen

Jährliche Organisation und Durchführung der Journey to the End of the Night in Erlangen.

journey.hawo.net @JourneyErlangen @journeyerlangen @journeyerlangen 15 Mitglieder


Junge Europäische Föderalisten Nürnberg Erlangen [JEF Nürnberg Erlangen]

The goal of the JEF is to advocate for a federal Europe on a non-partisan basis and to connect people. We are active at European, federal, state and local level and network with our alliance partner organizations. We plan joint actions, debates, trainings as well as information events and carry the European idea into society.

www.jef-bayern.de/ 30 Mitglieder @jefnuernberg @jef_nuernberg


Junior Consulting Team [JCT]

The Junior Consulting Team is the student consultancy of the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region. Motivated students who want to develop themselves further and are looking for a challenge have the opportunity to contribute their skills in consulting projects. From corporate groups to medium-sized companies, the creative solutions of our consultants are in demand in all specialist areas.

www.jct.de @JCT - Junior Consulting Team e.V. @jct.nuernberg 70 Mitglieder


Juso Hochschulgruppe Erlangen-Nürnberg [Juso-HSG]

As a political university group, we are open to students of all disciplines. We are united by the belief that it is the fundamental values of freedom, justice and solidarity that must be represented and defended at our university today as in the past.
In order to join us, a direct connection to the Jusos or the SPD is not absolutely necessary. All interested parties (including non-party members) can join us. We meet regularly to plan actions such as information booths, trips, events. We also discuss political developments at meetings and exchange opinions.
In addition, there are state and nationwide networking meetings of the Juso HSGn, to which we delegate people from the HSG.
@jusos.fau @jusohsgfau @jusohsg.fau 24 Mitglieder



Kamerunischer Studentenverein Erlangen-Nürnberg e.V. [KASEN e.V.]

The “Kamerunischer Studentenverein Erlangen-Nürnberg (KASEN e.V.)” is a non-profit association that promotes German-Cameroonian friendship and strengthens relations with other nationalities living in Germany. It was founded on 01.01.1994 and is based in the beautiful city of Erlangen.

It unites all Cameroonians living in the Erlangen-Nuremberg region. However, full membership would require payment of the membership fee and the completion of additional procedures.

On the basis of its statutes and rules of procedure, it has set itself the following priority goals:

To promote international feelings of tolerance in all areas of culture and ideas of international understanding.

To promote education, popular and professional training and student aid.

To contribute to the dissemination and application of Cameroonian culture.

The association is politically, ideologically, ethnically and religiously independent.

The members of the Executive Committee run for office on a voluntary basis and receive no remuneration for their work.

Within the framework of its activities, the association takes care of

to establish and maintain diverse contacts between members and other identities through socio-cultural events

to provide material and spiritual support to the members of the Association.

to organize regular discussions about economic, social, cultural and other problems in Cameroon and the world.

to promote the exchange of opinions and experiences with other associations and institutions.

kasen-ev.de/index.html @Kasen-eV-207652606433034 45 Mitglieder


Katholische Hochschulgemeinde (KHG)

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[ki\’ta:so] is the platform for everyone from Erlangen and the entire (metropolitan) region who is interested in (short) films. The aim is to provide insights into the regional film scene and to offer regional filmmakers the opportunity to show their self-made films to an audience.
Every semester we organize a short film evening, where filmmakers from Erlangen and the region can show their films for the first time on a real cinema screen and present them to a large audience. We are a student initiative that plans and realizes the short film evening every semester. The [ki\’ta:so]-Team consists of students of theater and media studies, but generally all students of the faculty of philosophy are welcome.
Our team is divided into different areas of responsibility ranging from advertising and image, public relations, evening organization, technology to sponsoring and design.

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What is LEO?

In Leo, young people between the ages of 16 and 30 help with so-called activities where their help is needed. For example, in the organization of charity events or in direct support of homeless, disabled or street children.

Leo is the youth organization of Lions Clubs International with the motto “We serve”.

Every single club realizes the individual ideas of its members for aid projects in the surrounding region, whereby the commitment of us Leos stands out in many facets. Your political and confessional attitude takes a back seat, your personal
Commitment in the foreground. With all of this, the fun doesn’t fall by the wayside either, because in addition to activities, there are also regular events where you can meet new Leos again and again.

With Leo you learn to take responsibility, to deal with challenges and with that for life.

Here you get to know committed people like you. Friendships develop and you become part of a network that makes it possible for you to make contact everywhere. And not only in Germany. There are Leos all over the world – currently 6,644 clubs in 145 countries. Or in other words: exchange, contacts and friends from Berlin to Tokyo to Chicago – in short: cross borders and discover new horizons.

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Let\’s Talk

The political discourse is too often about “Who is to blame?” and too seldom about “How can it be done better? We do it better.

Come to our next event and be there!

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Medizin und Menschenrechte Erlangen e.V. [M&M]

We are a group of motivated, committed young people who are concerned with the broad topic of human rights. In addition to medical aid for refugees, we are also involved in other exciting projects: we look after refugee children, do public relations work, organize lectures and want to draw attention to the topic of human rights with fun and a lot of creativity.

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Mit Sicherheit Verliebt [MSV]

With security in love is a project of the AG Sexuality and prevention of the bvmd. Our local group in Erlangen has been in existence since 2002 and is a project that promotes an open and methodical approach to sexuality education for pupils. We attach particular importance to the principle of peer education, thus providing sex education at eye level and with the background of current medical and social knowledge and developments. In this way we want to contribute to a healthy, self-determined and reflected relationship to sexuality, relationships and love.
In Erlangen we now regularly go to schools from grammar school to special school, between the 7th and 9th grade, and have always received positive feedback. In order to guarantee a sufficient education for our members, we adhere to the nationally valid training concept of the MSV project, which provides for a basic workshop and at least 2 visits to schools.

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MTP – Marketing zwischen Theorie und Praxis e.V. [MTP]

MTP is an independent student marketing initiative.
We offer our members practical insights into the world of marketing in the form of company presentations, workshops and a weekly plenary session. In addition, we offer a great community and many events where relaxed togetherness and fun are not missed out – both regionally and nationally. Because MTP is a nationwide association, which is represented in 19 cities. This enables our members to make contacts outside their own university and to get to know companies from all over Germany. The goal of the initiative is to be able to gain practical experience in different areas besides the theoretical knowledge learned at university and university of applied sciences. A successful cooperation with companies, professors, students and alumni creates a versatile network and a practical extension of the studies.

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Muslimische Studierendengemeinde Erlangen [MSG Erlangen]

We, the MSG Erlangen, have set ourselves the goal of bringing Muslim students closer together and offering them a platform for networking. We also want to strengthen the interreligious dialogue. This happens in a religious as well as in an entertaining way. Become part of this community!

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Pakistan Students Association Erlangen-Nürnberg (PSA Erlangen-Nürnberg)

The purpose of PSA-Erlangen Nürnberg will be to help Pakistani students in settling down in Erlangen and Nürnberg, to find a solution to their everyday problems, to create a platform where the Pakistani students can voice their concerns, can hold their cultural events and grow and integrate well into the German society without any hindrance.

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Plurale Ökonomik Erlangen-Nürnberg

We are a university group that is committed to the diversity of theory and methods in the economic sciences. We advocate a history-based, interdisciplinary and responsible approach to economic theories. Solving real social problems is the focus of our work.

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Refugee Law Clinic Erlangen-Nuremberg e.V. [RLC Erlangen-Nürnberg (oder RLC) ]

Initiative of Erlangen law students, founded in 2015, with the aim of offering refugees free information on legal issues relating to the asylum procedure and preparing them for hearings at the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees; connection to the umbrella organisation Refugee Law Clinics Deutschland e.V.; cooperation with local initiatives and associations; university support by Prof. Dr. Funke and Prof. Dr. Farahat; professional support by practising migration lawyers from Nuremberg/Erlangen.

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Ring Christlich-Demokratischer Studenten Erlangen e. V. [RCDS Erlangen]

We, the RCDS Erlangen e.V., are a non-profit political university group based in Erlangen. True to the motto Party & Politics, we organise seminars and events for political education as well as social evenings, parties and much more. Through our state, federal and European association, we can also offer you an even wider range of events and tackle larger political topics. Furthermore, we are involved in numerous university committees and thus also take part in the annual university elections.
You can meet us every Tuesday of the semester at 20:00 hrs in our offices in the Adenauer-Haus, Neue Straße 34, 91054 Erlangen. We are looking forward to meeting you!

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Ring Christlich Demokratischer Studenten Nürnberg e.V. [RCDS Nürnberg]

The RCDS is a non-profit political university group at the WiSo, which actively shapes university policy and competes in the university elections every year. The RCDS is present for students during these times, for example with a digital information evening and in the social media on Facebook and Instagram, in order to make this phase as enjoyable and productive as possible. Helpful videos are available on the social media channels, which, for example, provide assistance in registering for ZOOM.

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Red de Investigacion Interdisciplinaria de las Americas [RIIA]

This research network seeks to bring together graduate and doctoral students, alumni, researchers and professors working and doing research on the American continent as well to encourage, support and facilitate academic and professional exchange and cooperation between Germany and the Americas. 18 Mitglieder

Refugee Law Clinic Erlangen-Nuremberg e.V. [RLC]

Purpose of the association: Promotion of politically, racially or religiously persecuted persons and refugees, promotion of vocational training and promotion of civic engagement in favor of non-profit and charitable purposes.

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ROCK YOUR LIFE! Metropolregion Nürnberg

ROCK YOUR LIFE! is a network of volunteer students in 51 clubs, motivated students, responsible companies and the ROCK YOUR LIFE! gGmbH as an umbrella organisation, who are actively engaged in promoting more educational justice and equal opportunities for young people. With our one-to-one mentoring programme we build bridges between pupils, students and companies. Here, a student supports a socially disadvantaged pupil for one year on his way to work. Furthermore, students also have the opportunity to take on background tasks within the framework of the Orga Team. Whether in the areas of network / fundraising, university marketing / recruiting, PR, mentoring, events, IT or legal – we find something suitable for all interests and have exciting tasks.

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Rotaract Club Erlangen [RAC Erlangen]

Rotaract is one of the largest youth organisations in the world with approximately 172,000 members in 7,500 clubs. The name Rotaract is composed of the words “Rotary” and “Action” and stands for “Youth in Action” – action in the sense of the Rotarian idea. We are a community of young people, supported and supervised by a Rotary club, yet independent and autonomous. Our aim is to contribute to international understanding and to promote the recognition of ethical principles in business. This is done through responsible participation in projects and activities to support social causes.

Rotaract is neither politically nor religiously oriented. Rotaract is also not a non-binding affluent club or an elitist association, but an association of active young adults who want to take responsibility and serve a larger community with their actions.

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Senkrechtstarter Erlangen/Nürnberg

The Studienschaftsprogramm Senkrechtstarter is a joint initiative of (former) scholarship holders of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung. It is aimed in particular at prospective first-time academics and prospective migrant students. But anyone else who is interested can also contact us!

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sneep Erlangen

sneep Erlangen is a local group of the student network for business and corporate ethics sneep e.V. We deal with various topics concerning sustainability as well as business and corporate ethics and carry out practical projects on these topics, mostly in cooperation with other initiatives.

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sneep e.V., Lokalgruppe Nürnberg [sneep Nürnberg]

Sneep e.V. is a student network for sustainability and business ethics.
As sustainability ambassadors, our local group promotes critical exchange and sustainable change. Through our concrete, visible projects we want to root the idea of sustainability in society. Our commitment is intended to reach different actors inside and outside the university. Our aim is to use clear messages to stimulate self-reflection and to show alternatives for action.
To this end, our meetings take place weekly on Tuesday evening at 7 pm in Findelgasse 7/9, Nuremberg. Of course not only students of the WiSo are welcome! (Ex-)students from other faculties or universities are also welcome to participate.

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Sozialistische Gruppe – Hochschulgruppe Erlangen/ Nürnberg [SG]

Analyses of current social, economic and political events; scientifically based criticism of society and capitalism; promotion of political awareness at universities in the metropolitan region.

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Space Gene

Space Gene is a student initiative at FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg that aims at encouraging fellow students and public to participate in Space Tech. Our main goal is to democratize space technologies, exploration, travel, and colonization.

We act as a networking platform for students who are interested in space and space technologies to help them find opportunities and realize themselves in this area. We welcome students from diverse backgrounds and specialties, and we are open to anyone who wants to support the development of technologies and/or the business ecosystem for space exploration and colonization. Through our projects and events, we aim at popularizing space tech and helping students to find job opportunities in this area, create their own projects and startups, exchange insights and experience, and just have fun! Space is in our genes, that’s why we are here to make your dreams about space come true!

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START Erlangen-Nürnberg e.V.

At START Erlangen-Nuremberg we work to promote entrepreneurship and innovation in the university environment. As part of the worldwide movement START Global, we offer, in cooperation with our numerous partners, know-how in all areas that are relevant for founders and those interested in setting up a business, in order to create a better future by combining business and technology.

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Studenten bilden Schüler e.V. Standort Erlangen [SbS]

Studenten bilden Schüler is a non-profit association that organizes free tutoring for children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds by volunteer students.

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Studentenmission in Deutschland Erlangen [SMD Erlangen]

The SMD Erlangen is a Christian university group and as such we want to be a contact point and meeting place for all students at the university who are interested in the Christian faith and thereby bring them into conversation in the context of the university. For example, we ask how faith and science can be reconciled in lecture hall lectures with expert speakers or discussion groups. In general, our meetings deal with topics of faith, life and studies. We also organise joint activities such as leisure activities, excursions or celebrations.

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Studentenmission in Deutschland Nürnberg [SMD Nürnberg]

The SMD is a network of Christian students, academics and pupils. SMD university groups are student initiatives, interdisciplinary and interdenominational. Students organise a semester programme with thematic evenings, discussion groups, weekend camps and public events. Our aim is to get into conversation with people about the compatibility of faith and science, the questions of sense, morality and ethics and, to put it briefly, about God and the world.

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Studierendengruppe im Bayerischen Lehrer- und Lehrerinnenverband Erlangen-Nürnberg [BLLV]

Group of students of teacher training of the Bavarian Teachers’ Association. aims: Support of the student teachers with topics that are not covered in their studies.

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Technik ohne Grenzen e.V. Regionalgruppe Erlangen [TeoG]

Implementation of projects in development cooperation, provision of technical solutions for e.g. disposal of clinical waste, support of hospitals etc. in third world countries.
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Trichter e.V. [Trichter]

Part of the university culture since 1986

In the vaulted cellar of Findelgasse is the student café “Der Trichter”, which has been run by WISO students on a voluntary basis alongside their studies since 1986. A young team of more than 20 Bachelor and Master students looks after their

In addition to the regular café operation, other events are also held: Every year at the end of the summer semester, the Trichter hosts a large summer party in the inner courtyard of Findelgasse. In addition, there are other events at irregular intervals, such as regulars’ tables, Christmas parties, etc.

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Unicef Hochschulgruppe Nürnberg [UNICEF HSG]

Every child in the world has the right to a childhood – we as the UNICEF Nuremberg University Group help voluntarily to make this right a reality.

It is primarily our task to inform about the situation of disadvantaged children worldwide and to make children’s rights more present.

In addition to information work, we also work with donations through events and campaigns we have planned ourselves.

www.unicef.de/mitmachen/ehrenamtlich-aktiv/-/hochschulgruppe-nuernberg @UnicefNuernberg @unicef_nbg 21 Mitglieder



V – das Studimagazin

V – the Studimagazin was created in 2014 on the initiative of FAU students. The aim is to enable FAU students to work as journalists during their studies at FAU. The journalistic work is also mainly aimed at students (of FAU). In this context, V – the Studimagazin (supported by the registered association V – the Student Magazine e.V.) publishes a printed edition of the magazine every semester with a circulation of 2000 copies, which are distributed free of charge to FAU students at the various faculties. In October 2018 the eighth issue of the magazine was published and distributed. We are currently planning the following ninth issue, which will be published in April 2019. Furthermore, since September 2016 we have been running a blog, where articles are also published regularly.
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Verein Chinesischer Studenten und Wissenschaftlern Erlangen Nürnberg [VCSWEN]

The purpose of the association is to keep Chinese students and scientists in touch, to promote mutual understanding, sentiments, tolerance and helpfulness among members of the Chinese people and to foster human, cultural and scientific communication between the Chinese and other peoples.

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VDI Studenten und Jungingenieure Erlangen [SUJ]

Dachverband VDI, We make excursions, seminars and fun events for the Erlangen students, with focus on the Techfak.

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Viva con Agua Nürnberg-Erlangen

We as Viva con Agua Nürnberg-Erlangen are part of the association Viva con Agua de St. Pauli from Hamburg and try to provide free access to clean drinking water for all people according to the motto: Water for all – All for water for all. In this way we meet once a month with an agenda and another time for socialising. During our meetings we discuss organizational matters, plan actions and exchange experiences and ideas.

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Volt Hochschulgruppe Erlangen [Volt]

We are still a young political university group that is particularly committed to equal opportunities, sustainability and international student exchange. In the medium term, we would like to make a list for the university elections.

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VWI Hochschulgruppe Erlangen-Nürnberg e.V. [VWI HG Erlangen-Nürnberg]

We are the organisers of the event \”Laufgelage\” and try to give students of industrial engineering and management an insight into the practical activities of industrial engineers*. We do this through workshops with companies from various industries and regularly invite representatives from the regional economy or the FAU to our open meetings.

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