Voting Method

You will receive two ballot papers for the university election, one for the Student Convention and one for the Faculty Council. You have 15 votes for the Convention and 4 votes for the Faculty Council. You can distribute these by crosses, tally marks or numbers. The following is possible:

  • Voting of lists:
    You only tick your preferred list above. Thus, the candidates of these lists are each given one vote from top to bottom until the maximum number of votes has been reached.
    Attention: if the checked list has fewer persons than votes you can distribute, each candidate receives only one vote – the remaining votes expire!
  • Voting of persons:
    You can split your votes between different candidates, no matter from which list. It should be noted, however, that a maximum of 3 votes can be given to each candidate.

 Example ballots: Student Board, Faculty council

Letter ballot:
If you are not present on election day but still want to cast your vote, you can vote by mail.
Applications for absentee voting must reach the electoral office (Schloss, Schlossplatz 4, EG, room 1.031) or the Chancellor directly by 11th June 2019. If the election documents are personally received, postal applications can still be submitted approximately one week later.

If you have already sent an application, you will receive the election documents by mail. You can either return them free of charge, hand them in at one of our information stands, as we will then hand in your application collectively, or throw your postal envelope into an urn on election day if you are at university. In the latter case, however, you will not receive any normal election documents.

You can find the official information of the university at the electoral office.