The 2nd Floor

Sprat-Office [Room-No.: 02.014]

Turnstraße Sprat Büro

Office of the eight members of the Stuve Sprat. Equipped with the usual office equipment, two PCs and various storage facilities. Materials and technology can be shared by arrangement.


    • PC tower with two screens and speakers (Can be used by arrangement)
    • Laptop with extra screen (Can be used by arrangement)
    • Telephone (incl. headset)
    • 2 desk workstations
    • Office supplies

Group Room 4 [Room-No.: 02.012]

Turnstraße Raum Dachgeschoss

Relaxed meeting room with couch corner and regular work tables and chairs. Here are 34 m² of space for a maximum of 10 people! You can book the room with these instructions.


    • Sofas
    • Coffee table
    • Whiteboard
    • Tables and chairs for 8 people
    • Stuve material cabinets
    • Moderation box

Storage [Room-No.: 02.011]

Various larger materials of the Stuve are stored here. You can also find our borrowable technical equipment here.  A detailed overview of what you can find here and how you can borrow it is in progress.