Zoom chat: Studying with a disability

Studying can present a wide range of challenges for people with physical and mental and/or chronical disabilities. In a relaxed atmosphere, the Zoom chat on 02 December at 4 p.m. will provide a digital space for networking and exchanging tips and tricks about studying with disabilities. The chat takes place regularly on every 2nd Friday. The link to the Zoom chat is available on the website of the Office for Gender and Diversity (https://www.gender-und-diversity.fau.de/diversity/inklusion-an-der-fau/diversity-day-26-mai-2020-inklusion-an-der-fau/).

Recipe Competition!

To celebrate its 100th anniversary, the Studierendenwerk would like to create a cookbook featuring your favorite recipes.

Have you ever wanted to see the porridge that got you through lecture in the morning, your mother’s curry or the pasta that makes you forget a long night in a cookbook?

If so, send us your recipe at DIY-Mensa@werkswelt.de and with a little luck you may even have the opportunity to cook your dishat the Mensa Langemarckplatz. However, when submitting, please make sure that your recipes meet the following criteria:

– Suitable for 4 people

– Clearly written (e.g. the individual steps of the preparation as well as the preparation time)

– Ingredients with quantities

– Not “third hand” (i.e. not simply copied from another cookbook)

– A nice photo of the dish is included

– Affordable ingredients

Also, briefly explain why exactly your recipe will be cooked in our dining hall.

The deadline for entries is 04.12.2022.