News from the Stuve

After the university elections, we are slowly heading for the summer slump, but we are currently dealing with several major issues.

Constituent meeting of the Student Council

The university elections are already over and the planning for the next term of office continues directly. The university-wide committees are appointed at the constituent meeting of the Student Council. This will take place on 21.07.2023 from 14:00 in the Senate Hall in the Kollegienhaus. An overview of all offices that will be elected can be found here, or within the next few days on our Insta. The public is excluded from the internal discussions and the ballots, but you can still come by and introduce yourself if you want to run for office. If it is not possible for you to come by, you can also send your application by e-mail to

Round table discussion with students VP-EOn 05.07., the annual round table discussion of students with the Vice President for Teaching (VP-E) Bärbel Kopp took place. Among other things, the further procedure in the debate on examination tests was discussed. Mandatory registration for failed exams seems to be considered obsolete by all groups involved and will almost certainly be abolished with our further efforts. The discussion on the abolition of trial counting is much tougher. After last month’s extended Uni-Lust meeting, at which various status groups were able to exchange their opinions, there is now a catalogue of measures and improvements with suggestions on the topic. These include, for example, the complete abolition of trial counting, extra trials for certain exams, but also the complete abolition of the basic and orientation exams.

The second major topic dealt with was the problem of the large workload of courses, theses and project theses at the Faculty of Engineering, especially at the Department of Computer Science. Here, the high number of admissions, especially of the English-language master’s programs, ensures a high number of supervision, which the department is less and less able to fill. It is currently planned to better regulate Master’s admissions, which should reduce the number of students again.

University group support

As already mentioned in the last mail, a working group of the student council is currently working on a revision of the “Position Paper on the Support of Student HSGs“, the first amendment proposal will be discussed at the next meeting of the Student Convention.