Studenten bilden Schüler: Organisers wanted!

You can make a valuable contribution to more educational justice in our society! Our non-profit organisation matches students as volunteer tutors with schoolchildren from low-income families for whom paid tutoring is not an option.

Of course, the whole thing doesn’t work without a bit of organisation behind it. We are looking for reinforcement for our three teams:

  • Communication: social media presence, creating advertising material, public relations, fundraising, fun.
  • Pupils: Contact with social institutions, organisation of pupils, fun.
  • Students: Contact with students, arranging tutoring couples, organising get-togethers, fun

Have we caught your interest? Then just write us an e-mail ( or come to one of our meetings (every second Wednesday at 8 pm in Turnstraße 7, room 01.015).

Our next meeting is on 20.07.2022!

(Of course, we are always looking for committed tutors).


Your Erlangen SbS team

Instagram/Facebook: @sbs.erlangen

Further information about the association at:

News from the Stuve

In recent days, the Schloss has been able to experience the Stuve in large numbers. The Sprat met there twice with President Prof. Hornegger to talk about topics such as studying at FAU, the creation of the new FAU logo, the branding of the university, and student engagement. Soon we will meet in the Schlossgarten with some people from the university management for the newly introduced “Walk and Talks”, and would like to invite you to join our promenading on 11.07. at 18:00. These talks are open to all students. The Walk and Talk on 11.07. unfortunately had to be postponed due to illness.

But the Stuve was also represented again at the Schlossgartenfest. There, the new laser show was used for the first time which we were able to watch. We were able to network with many people from the university about university life and the work in the Stuve and also enjoy the evening with many of you.

But now it’s back to our in-house festivals; check out our summer festival calendar to see where you can meet up with your friends to network and have fun. The many FSVs, FSIs and university groups have already been planning great events for you for weeks, don’t miss them!

In addition, many campaigns are already underway for the current university elections. At the many information booths and events you can find out which lists are running for what and what they stand for. There are also numerous online news points which have been set up by the Stuve in the last few weeks. Please have a look at the article about the university elections! We are looking forward to a high voter turnout so that we can continue to shape the Stuve in a diverse way next year, so get started at!

OneNote users wanted for conversion tests

For a well running conversion of FAU Office 365 to the new license model we are still looking for some students who already use OneNote with the FAU campus license and the cloud features intensively. In order to test how best to migrate the data to the new license and to create a good guide, we are looking for you. If you would like to help, please contact us at

News from the Stuve

It’s been a long time, but now the format News from the Stuve is revived! We would like to give you regular updates on what topics we are currently dealing with and what is happening in the various committees of the Stuve.

For example, there is one topic that is on everyone’s mind this semester: the semester tickets! After the negotiations of the AK Semesterticket to keep the 2,07€-ticket for the rest of the lecture-free time, they already went back to regular business of fighting for the 365€-ticket. For a few weeks signatures were collected in Erlangen and Nuremberg in order to hand them over to the respective mayors of the two cities as a Bürger*innenantrag. In Erlangen this already happened on Tuesday – you can read more about it in the Stuve’s PK on the topic. During all these efforts, however, we already moved on to the next topic: the 9€ ticket. Here the working group has participated in many negotiations to make the refunds as fair and easy as possible for us students.

This semester, the Sprat has also exchanged ideas with the student council of the THN on this topic. In our meetings, we hope to be able to learn from each other’s work and even work together on problems. The Sprat has also met with the university leadership and discussed topics related to studying and volunteering at our university during a round of pizza in our new Präsi talks with President Hornegger. For example we talked about a topic on which we are currently in a lot of contact with the university: Valuing student engagement at our uni.

The next big event coming up is the university elections at the end of June. We organizing numerous meetings with the lists of candidates for the Student Counsil election and are also planning election videos and the university election compass. At the same time, many other events that had to be cancelled in the last semesters due to the pandemic situation are finally taking place again. We are happy that the Stuve can offer you many great opportunities to get back into student life again!

This is also where we hit our limits for a while, as our secretary Anja Winkelmann recently said goodbye to us and in the transition period until a new person is in the office, a few spratis are taking over her duties. There was some chaos to keep up with the many room requests for the events. However, we are doing our best and have been able to make just about everything happen so far in cooperation with the room management.

Our Stuve building has also come back to life this semester. Many groups meet there regularly, and one or the other special event is already planned. Just recently, for example, the revival of the AK Zivilklausel took place here. The topic of peaceful research instead of armaments research is being discussed. There will be more meetings about this, interested people can keep their eyes open on our channels for more information.

But also in general you are always welcome to get involved with us; the pandemic has caused big cuts in the student representation and we are always happy when new people want to get involved in the many committees. For example, feel free to drop by at various committee meetings or at working groups!

Invitation to “Support your Sisterhood”

Dear interested women*,

We would like to invite you to our feminist get-together “Support your Sisterhood” on 18.06.2022 at the Women’s Centre Erlangen. The last few years have presented us all with many challenges and difficult situations. We would like to finally get into personal contact with you again. On this evening, we invite all feminist groups, alliances and individuals to come together at the Women’s Centre. We invite you to exchange, network and celebrate, to meet new and old faces and to live feminist practise together.

This evening is meant to be one for us: We want to escape isolation and fill the women’s centre with life again. Let’s find common and different things, be angry about the circumstances and united in our feminist desire!

Here is the preliminary agenda for the evening:
5:00 pm Welcome
5:30 pm – 18:30 World Café (exchange on four topics)
7:00 pm Concert with Elena Steri

Where: Gerberei 4, 91054 Erlangen (The Women’s Centre Erlangen is a wheelchair accessible venue).

In addition to general drinks, there will be some snacks and drink specials (only while supplies last!). For better planning we ask for feedback about participation until 13.06.22.

All groups, associations and alliances are welcome to bring info material; a table will be provided to display these.

The Women’s Centre is a place by women* for women*, therefore men cannot participate in this event.

We are looking forward to seeing you!
Your Women’s Centre Erlangen