Presentation of the delegates

In addition to this year’s elected speakers, we would also like to introduce you to your delegates to the Student Convention. You can find a complete list of all delegates here.

The introductions follow in alphabetical order.

Abel, Alina – FSV-Med

Hey 😉 I’m Alina Abel (she/her) and I’m studying medicine in Erlangen-Bayreuth in the 4th semester. Before studying, I already worked as an OTA (OR nurse).
Since the beginning of my studies I have been involved in the FSI Medizin, now in the FSV for the entire medical faculty in the Konvent, Med- and Uni-Lust. I was elected to the Speakers’ Council by the Convent.

Bernáth, Leon – FSIen-Liste

Hey, I am a 7th semester physics student and am really looking forward to working in the students convent and speakers council. I am particularly interested in improving the conditions of study. For example, last semester I strongly advocated for the abolition of the third attempt rule – here the discussion is still in full swing. I am also active in many faculty/department-wide committees and am also organizing the “Echt oder Fake” taking place on November 14 starting at 6pm. 🙂 Best regards, Leon

Büttner, Marie – FSV-Nat

My name is Marie Büttner, I’m 22 years old and I’m in my 3rd semester of Physical Geography: Climate and Environmental Sciences. This year I am in my 3rd term in the FSV Nat, and in my 2nd term in the Konvent. Otherwise I am active in the Examination Committee and in the ZGS. When I’m not doing anything for student council or my studies, I like to work on the topics of intersectional feminism and diversity or bake bread.

Eidt, Chantal-Sophié – Juso HSG

Hey, I’m Sophié, 26, and I’m in my first master’s semester of Political Science. I have been involved in the interests of students since my first bachelor’s semester, both in the FSI of my degree programme and since last year in the FSV Phil. While at the faculty of philosophy I primarily worked for better networking among students, I would like to work for greater flexibility and a reduction in the psychological pressure of studying during my time in the student council.

Fischer, Emil – Juso HSG

Hey! I’m Emil, 21 years old and I’m studying Physical Geography in my Bachelor’s degree. 
For this term of office, I have been elected chair of the Konvent, and I am also a member of the Sprecher*innenrat and the ZGS. I am also co-chair of the Juso Hochschulgruppe at FAU. I am very much looking forward to my term in office and will continue to work for equality, solidarity and participation – in all areas of our university!

Foppe, Leo – FSV Phil

Hey everyone, I’m Leo, born in 1999, studying Theater- and Media-Studies and Pedagogy. In the convention I represent you in the library commission and in the “Central committee for the use of study grants” as surrogacy (there you go character limit -.-“).  Most likely you could find me in the Bismarck Street and the library of Theater- and Media-Studies. Feel free to hit me up. 

Jünger, Oliver – RCDS

Hi everyone,

I’m Oliver and I’m studying biology and chemistry for a teaching degree and I’m a new member of the Convention.

My main focus is on sustainability and reducing bureaucracy so that we can all enjoy studying at a modern and future-oriented FAU.

Kotlarski, Johanna – FSV Med

Hey, I’m Hanna 🙂 I’m currently in my 3rd semester of studying human medicine. As a member of the FSV Medizin, I would like to work especially for more intensive communication with lecturers and improvement of digital studies. The following term of the Convention will be my first, so I would like to get a good overview in order to participate in the active day-to-day business as soon as possible. I am happy to represent you and to always have an open ear for you!

Lindner, Tamara – RCDS

Hello everyone, my name is Tamara, I am 20 years old and I am a 5th semester chemistry student. This is my second term in the Convention. The topic of sustainability at FAU is especially close to my heart, which is why I would like to get more involved in the Ecology Department and the Sustainability Commission in my upcoming term. Best regards, Tamara

Lukas, Caroline – FSV Nat

My name is Caroline, and I am currently in the 3rd term of a math bachelor degree. I’ve joined the respective fachschaft when I started studying here and have already gained experience in some relevant skills like organizing events that way. I was nominated for the position in the Konvent by the FSV Nat, and I am looking forward to a
productive first term. I am especially interested in exchanging ideas with students of other universities and improving the general
conditions for other students.

Masl, Lis-Loreen – FSV Phil

Dear fellow students, my first period at the FSV Phil as well at the Students Council has started. My name is Lis and I’m studying Theatre- & Mediascience and Pedagogy at the PhilFak. Since June 22 I’m part of the FSI TheWi-MeWi and now I dare to take a step further. At the Students Council I will be a deputy student member of the Central Committee for Study Grants (ZGS). I’m thankful for your trust and am looking forward the 23/24 term in office. With kind regards, Lis

Peppel, Christian – FSIen Liste

Hello everyone, my name is Christian, I am 25 years old and this year I was elected to the Student Council for the third time. This time I was also elected as one of two student members of the senate. I am particularly committed to improving the conditions for studying and teaching. A major concern of mine is the abolition of mandatory registration for repeat exams and a more flexible third attempt regulation. I hope to complete both projects this year.

Rieger, Jan – FSV Tech

Greetings everyone,  I’m Jan, currently doing my masters in electrical engineering and since around 2020 I’ve been active in the Students Council in one way or another. And now I plan on extending my activities to the whole university. I’m doing all of this, because I want to make life as easy as possible for us students. And the best way to do that is to engage with the University through the student bodies. Whinging will get us only so far after all.

Schering, Marco – FSIen Liste

Hey, I’m Marco, I’m studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Life Science Engineering and I’ve finally exceeded the standard period of study with the start of this semester:) Besides that, I’ve been involved in the student council initiative CBI since my third semester, in the FSV Tech and now also in my second term of office in the student Convention, to which you elected me via the FSIen list. There, it is especially important to me to contribute to the student council’s ability to act.

Schiller, Johanna – FSV Rewi

Hey guys, I am Johanna, I study law in my seventh semester and I ́m a new member of the
student Convention. Through my participation in the ÖkoRef I could already look into Stuve procedures and get to know the university apparatus. I particularly care about sustainable construction and supporting socially disadvantaged students. Furthermore, I want to make your day-to-day business simpler and will advocate for a modern and unbureaucratic FAU.

Scholl, Ann-Sophie – FSIen Liste

Hey ☺️ my name is Ann-Sophie and I am in my second term in the student council and the FSV Med. Additionally I will represent you as a student member in the university senate this term. 
In the past year, I’ve advocated for the elimination of mandatory registration for exams and increasing the maximum number of exam attempts. I will continue to work a lot on these two issues during this term and hope to bring them to a close.

Seng, Jana – FSIen Liste

Hello everyone, In the future, we will not only support you as “hobby lawyers”, but we are also the FSI Law Team in the Convention. Jana has been in the FSV and the Convention since 2021. This means she knows the business of the Stuve very well. For the first time she is physically at FAU for a whole term 24/24 of the Convention. After Erasmus, she was already able to contribute 2 motions in the last term 22/23. 
There will be many more to follow. 
See you soon Jana 

Straubinger, Jule – FSV Rewi

Hey everyone, I´m a new member of the student council this year, so I would like to introduce myself. I´m Jule, 22 years old and I´m a 6th semester law student. I´ve been a member of the FSI law since my first semester and since I really enjoy my work there, I´m now looking forward to new challenges. My personal topics of interests are equal rights, internationalization and the improvement of the study conditions, which I would like to tackle together in the student council this year!

Wanke, Hanna – SDS

My name is Hanna Wanke, I study sociology and history in my bachelor’s degree and I am a member of the convention for the SDS. In the convention, I want to campaign for better study and working conditions and against the austerity policies of the university management and the Free State. We finally need affordable and available flats as well as decently paid and permanent jobs. Last semester, I campaigned with the Gew Studis for the preservation of our partial libraries.

Weiß, Silvan – FSV Tech

Hi,I’m Silvan, 20 years old and I’m studying computer science for my bachelor’s degree.After a term in the FSV-Tech, I was also sent to the Convention this year. There I will work for a sustainable and solidary cooperation at the university, because climate change has also arrived here and requires adjustments.Outside of the university committees, I am also active in the FSI INF and the Juso HSG.

Wickel, Lars – FSV Tech


I’m Lars and currently in my fifth Semester Computer Science. Besides my first term in the Student Council I am part of other committees like the StuKo and StuZuKo of Computer Science. I am one of the students responsible for the water fountain at the faculty of engineering as well as a member of the FSI Computer Science.

Windeck, Julian – FAUward together

Hi! I’m Julian, a computer science master student in my 4th semester. Sustainability is an important concern of mine. This year I represent you in the commission for internationalization – especially relevant for TechFak with its many international students. However, I want to be there for as broad a spectrum of students as possible. Therefore, please feel free to contact me via mail ( or Instagram (julian.windeck). I am happy to be there for you and your concerns!