General Student Committee 2022/23

Chairperson of the Student Council

Moritz Meckl (01.10.2023 – 30.01.2023)

Lars  Longerich (01.10.2023 – 04.05.2023)

Scholastic Corridor:  B.Sc. Data Science

Further commitees: 2. Chairperson of the Student Council, Energy-Crisis Unit of the FAU, Central Panel for the allocation of grants for studies.


Julian Rosenberger (01.10.2022 – 04.11.2022)

Büsra Basol (24.11.2022 – 30.12.2022)

Study course: B.Sc. Mathematics

Further committees:Faculty Student Body Council of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Student Council, StudZuKo Mathematics

Working groups: Ref PR, FSI Mathe/Physik/DS, AK Awareness, AK Period Products, Social Media

Main focus:

    • Exceptional study situations
    • Gender and Diversity
    • Accountability of the university
    • Networking of the Stuve within each other and with the students


Michael Ruppert (01.10.2022 – 20.04.2023)

Scholastic Corridor: Philosophy and Computational Corpus Linguistics (linguistische Informatik)

Further Committees: : FSV Phil, PhilLuSt, LAK, FAU Debating Society, FAU Corona Crisis Unit, UniLuSt, Student Council, Realization competition of the humanities center Erlangen, AG Campus der Zukunft / Achse der Wissenschaft, CIO/IO Gremium, AG EnrgSparMaßn Hörsäle

Working Groups: AK University Law (AK Hochschulgesetz), RefIT, Ref LuSt, AntiDisRa, FAUstelle, AK Hochschulwahlwerbung, AK Causa “Sprachenzentrum”, AK Kürzungen, AK Himbeerpalast and PhilFak 2.0, AK Öffnungsdebatte

Main focus:

    • Reform of the Bavarian Higher Education Act
    • Mitigating the consequences of the corona crisis
    • Improvement of study and teaching quality

Sarah Julia Kriesch

Degree Program: Computer Science

Further committees: IT Crisis Comittee