Why answering surveys is worth your while – the measures after the last FAUSt survey

The measures being taken at the different faculties after the FAUst 2022 survey:

    • Department of teaching
      • There is a new position for better communication with new students. Furthermore, the introductory courses are to be structured better so that one can keep track of the complexity of the options.
    • Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Theology
      • An increase in office hours for planning the studies, as well as short introductory videos of the chairs of research.
    • Faculty of Business, Economics, and Law
      • The measures go in the direction of better exam preparation, especially when students have not passed their first attempt. Here, the faculty will offer retake courses and preparation courses.
    • Faculty of Medicine
      • The exams before the Physikum are to be spaced out so that the phase before the registration to the Staatsexamen is less stressful. Furthermore, it is planned to improve the website and significantly strengthen the student advisory service with an additional position.
    • Faculty of Engineering
      • The study services are supposed to be improved so that new students can get off to a better start in their studies.
    • Faculty of Sciences
      • There will be a better supervision ratio for bridge courses and studies advice. Additionally tests to assess one’s level of knowledge after completing the bridge courses are planned, as well as mentoring programs to help students get started in their studies. On the organizational level, the websites are to be significantly improved so that it will be easier to get information.