Raise for the climate now! (in Erlangen)

Contribution from the Green Office & ÖkoRef

75% less vehicle traffic, annual growth of 50% PV systems, six-fold increase in the renovation rate… All these are necessary changes that we need in Erlangen for climate neutrality by 2030 at the latest.
But this is only feasible if the companies and institutions join in. That’s why we have the KlimaAufbruch process, where the university and the student body are each involved as stakeholders.
At the workshop we will inform you and together we will record and maximise the students’ contribution. The results will also be used by the university management in their work.

Wed 01st June 18-20 hrs in the Kollegienhaus (KH 1.016). There will be drinks and pizza.

Talk: Climate crisis and what we can do to stop it

Climate change is an existential threat we have to stop. After the alarming new IPCC-report we want to present different approaches and strategies on how to effectively fight climate crisis. We will explain, why our individual consumption choices in the supermarket are not enough to defeat climate change. Instead we give an insight into different political movements that tackle the problem of climate crisis.

Come to our talk: Monday, 23.05. – 6 P.M. at Unterrichtsraum 2 of Hörsäle Medizin, Ulmenweg 18.


Buy old FAU merchandise for a donation

Buy old FAU merchandise for a donation
On Saturday, 5/21/2022, you will be able to purchase old FAU merch in the Castle Garden! You can choose from a whole range of items: T-shirts, mugs, stickers, … . The “purchasing price” will be a donation – therefore very cheap, and you also do something good. You can find our booth at the fountain behind the castle, from 2pm to 9pm – perfect to stop by quickly during the Long Night of Science!
For more information and questions have a look here