Facts about the 9€-ticket

We are happy that the 9€ ticket is available, because it also makes our semester ticket cheaper. But how is all this going to work? Here are the most important facts:

  • The 9€ ticket can be purchased in the months of June, July and August respectively- With it, we can travel 24/7 on regional trains throughout Germany (not ICE, IC or EC)
  • Our basic ticket will become a 9€ ticket, which means that we can travel 24/7 on regional trains throughout Germany with the basic ticket without having to purchase an additional ticket, so we can also travel to Sylt, for example 😉 – In the months of June, July and August
  • Since our basic fee is 12,50€ per month (75€/6 months), we have paid 3,50€ too much for three months each, so in total 10,50€
  • Since the basic ticket can be used all-around, the amount of the additional ticket is set to zero in the three months, which means half of the additional ticket is refunded (even if the additional ticket is purchased only now). Thus, the refund amount of the additional ticket is an additional 103,50€
  • Students with additional ticket will thus receive a total of 114€ back, but most likely in separate ways. Basic ticket and additional ticket will be handled separately – how the offsetting, voucher redemption or refund of the basic ticket looks like is not yet finally clarified. We hope to have a final solution by Friday
  • The refund of the additional ticket will probably go like this: For online purchases, an automatic refund to the deposited account; For vending machine purchases, you have to go to the customer center and submit a request. But here, too, the final solution will probably be communicated on Friday

We are currently also rebuilding our website, on which we also answer the most important questions: https://semesterticket.org/.
In order to get the semester ticket cheaper in the long run, the AK Semesterticket continues to collect signatures (we still need about 200 in Erlangen and 2,000 in Nuremberg). If you have time and want to help, please contact us at: https://stuve.fau.de/refs-aks-2/stadt/365e-ticket-fuer-studierende/