Latest Stuve News

Despite the dwindling Summer break, the Student Council has remained relatively active. For example, work has been underway since the beginning of the term with several Student Council members on a Wellbeing Position Paper, which has now been finalized and will be presented to the Student Council for a vote on Friday. At the last Student Council meeting, following the recommendation of Ref Eco, the Stuve joined a Climate Awakening Commitment to do its part for sustainability. In this commitment, we commit ourselves, for example, to advocate for more sustainable practices in the university.

In the near future, the Speakers Council will meet with the university management to discuss current problem areas and with the president to talk about the things that are currently on our minds over lunch. Furthermore, the Sprat is busy planning the Dies Academicus, where Lara Ebbinghaus and Büsra Basol will give a speech for the student council this year.

The Ref Queer was again active at the CSD Nuremberg – of course with a lot of stickers and posters. The next stop is the CSD Erlangen on October 1st.