Study conditions in the summer term

FAU’s plans for the summer semester are taking shape. The plan is to largely return to business as usual with comprehensive face-to-face courses – this means that the vast majority of courses in every degree program will be held in person. In this case, the right to hybrid digital connection will be dropped – but teachers will still be able to offer it.
Online teaching is possible – but mainly for formats that can be done better online than offline, that are innovative and of high quality. The individual decision here also lies with the teachers.
In every form, it must be ensured that teachers remain approachable and accessible.
Exceptions are made for international students who are unable to enter the country – no disadvantages should arise here. In addition, we will of course respond to possible regional pandemic outbreaks.
The lecture period in the summer semester begins on 25.04.2022 and ends on 29.07.2022.
More details can be found in this week’s Stuve News video, where FAU Vice President Bärbel Kopp presents a few more details about the rules for the exam period and for the upcoming semester (in german):