Talk: Climate crisis and what we can do to stop it

The climate crisis is an existential threat that we absolutely have to stop. The new alarming IPCC-report makes it more clear than ever: We are running out of time.
We are climate activists and we will talk about why we think climate activism is the most effective way of stopping climate destruction and we will give you an insight into various political climate justice movements. Maybe you even want to get involved in the movement.

1st appointment:
➡️ When: Wednesday, 29.06. at 7 p.m.
➡️ Where: Klimaschaufenster, Hauptstraße 55, 91054 Erlangen

2nd appointment:
➡️ When: Wednesday, 06.07. at 7 p.m.
➡️ Where: Kath. Hochschulgemeinde, Sieboldstraße 3, 91052 Erlangen