Attention: withdrawal deadlines for examinations changed

As of this summer semester the usual regulations regarding withdrawal from exams apply again, i.e. the 3-day-rule in most places. For more detailed information on what applies to you, it is best to check with your respective examination regulations.

The rule from the Corona Statutes for withdrawals via non-attendance that applies to exams from the semesters of SoSe20 – WiSe21/22 is thus not extended to this semester.

Re-registration for WS 22/23

In the period from July 1st-8th 2022, re-registration for the next semester is due again. In order to remain enrolled at FAU in the winter semester 22/23, you must transfer the semester fee of 117,50€ to the Staatsoberkasse Landshut within this period (Student Services fee 52€, for the basic ticket 65,50€). You can find the exact dates on campo under ‘Student Service’ -> ‘Documents’.

PS: If you have any feedback about the new campo, please feel free to submit it in our survey form.

University Elections 2022

It’s that time again! The university elections are happening until 04.07. at 9 a.m.. In article we want to give you all the info you need about the election so you can make the most of your vote.

Why should you even vote? Of course, a large turnout makes sense in order to best represent the diverse opinions of the student body in the committees. However, there is another important reason; the higher the voter turnout, the more it shows the university that students really want to be heard and that the student representation (Stuve) should be taken seriously. Each and every one of you can thus play a part in strengthening the voice of the student body!

But what exactly are you voting for? The Student Council is a university-wide body in which 30 students develop positions in order to be able to communicate the opinions and demands of the student body to the outside world. Here you have 15 votes to elect people who can best represent your opinion in this body. In another election, you have 4 votes to elect students to the Faculty Council, where they can campaign for student-friendly examination regulations, for example. With these 4 votes you also indirectly determine the composition of the Faculty Student Counsil, which represents you at the faculty level by helping students with their requests, managing funds and organizing the occasional event. You can find out more about the committees in this year’s election video:

How exactly can you elect these representatives? You can do that from Monday 27.06. at 09:00 until Monday 04.07. at 09:00 online via Besides the better accessibility the election tool of the university also offers the advantage of giving you warnings in case you cast too many votes and thus might have invalidated your vote. You can then easily correct this and send your vote with a simple click.

And who should you vote for? That’s a question we can’t answer for you. However, we have provided a few tools to make it easier for you to research the election lists. First, you’ll find plenty of insight and information about the lists that would like to be elected to the Student Counsil on our website and Instagram during the election period. In addition, you can use the University Election Compass again to compare your opinions on various issues with those of the Student Counsil lists and learn their motivations for doing so. Last but not least, we would like to introduce the lists to you in more detail in the next section.

We hope we have been able to answer your most urgent questions about the elections, but we are always open to further questions at Have fun voting and a pleasant election week!

SbS: Organisers wanted!

You can make a valuable contribution to more educational justice in our society! Our non-profit organisation matches students as volunteer tutors with schoolchildren from low-income families for whom paid tutoring is not an option.

Of course, the whole thing doesn’t work without a bit of organisation behind it. We are looking for reinforcement for our three teams:

  • Communication: social media presence, creating advertising material, public relations, fundraising, fun.
  • Pupils: Contact with social institutions, organisation of pupils, fun.
  • Students: Contact with students, arranging tutoring couples, organising get-togethers, fun

Have we caught your interest? Then just write us an e-mail . or come to one of our meetings (every second Wednesday at 8 pm in Turnstraße 7, room 01.015).

Our next meeting is on 06.07.2022!

(Of course, we are always looking for committed tutors).

Your Erlangen SbS team
Instagram/Facebook: @sbs.erlangen
Further information about the association can be found here .

Kick-Off Working Group on Urban Development

To make our student life in Erlangen and Nuremberg as pleasant as possible, we need your support!
We, the Department for Urban Development , deal with all topics concerning living and learning for students in the cities of Erlangen and Nuremberg. Bicycle-friendliness and the cultural offerings of the cities for students are just two of the many topics here.
We are reorganising again, which means that you can have a say in which topics we want to focus on in the future.

The next meeting is July 06 at 6 p.m. in Präsenz in room 00.012 of Turnstraße 7 (building of the student council), 91054 Erlangen.