News from the Stuve

The Stuve is currently working intensively on several issues. These include, for example, the AK Prüfungsversuche (Working Group on Examination Attempts), which is lobbying the university so that we are no longer so severely restricted when it comes to repeating exams. Using the example of Bielefeld (which allows an infinite number of attempts and even the improvement of passed exams), we have explained in a presentation for the Referat L that the extension of exam attempts will probably not negatively influence the average standard period of study, and what advantages it will bring.

Another topic we are concerned with is the problem around the income limit of mini-jobs in combination with the increased minimum wage. Because of about 2€, which exceeds the 520€ limit at 10 hours per week, many students get problems with social security contributions. Some workarounds seem to have been found already. For example, some students report agreements with their health insurer to declare the surplus as advertising costs to avoid problems. If you are affected, a request to your health insurance company may also help you.

A lot is going on internally at the Stuve, and not just because of the approaching university elections. For example, there was recently a big Stuve weekend at the House of Student Representation, where students from various committees and working groups got together to talk about their work in the Stuve and to discuss future prospects for the Stuve concerning the lack of successors in the committees. This also allowed us to network a bit across faculties in a relaxed way, since opportunities to do so are somewhat rare. One of those rare opportunities, however, came just a few weeks ago when the FSVs of the university got together to share ideas on various topics.

The Stuve has also been able to talk to the university in various conversations. For example, at the last meeting of the President with the Sprat, they talked about possible opportunities to make the Stuve more visible on the part of the university and better involved generally. At Pact4Ukraine, two representatives from the Student Council networked with Ukrainian students and discussed their needs.