Departments and Working Groups

In order to open up the work in the student representation to all students, Stuve has created opportunities to get involved even without election or obligation! These opportunities are embodied by the eight fixed departments and additional working groups on current topics.

Public Relations Department

The Stuve’s Public Relations Department (Referat für Öffentlichkeitsarbeit, Ref PR) is responsible for promoting interesting topics and events from the university, the cities of Erlangen and Nuremberg and the Stuve itself among students and to the public.
Kontaktperson: Andreas Hierl

Department of Computer Stuff

The Stuve’s Department of Computer Stuff (Referat für Computerkram, Ref IT) is responsible for the technical and electronic infrastructure of the Stuve, the FSVen, many FSIs and also some university groups. This includes mailing lists, websites and services (Doodle Terminklick, Wiki, Etherpad) of the Stuve.
Kontaktperson: Johannes Dietz, Johannes Schilling

Department Against Discrimination and Racism

The Stuve’s Department against Discrimination and Racism (Referat Anti-Diskriminierung und Rassismus, Ref AntiDisRa) deals with all matters relating to discrimination. This includes exhibitions and information evenings on the various dimensions of discrimination and participation in networking meetings. It is also the student contact point for all students who are or were exposed to discrimination or racism.
Kontaktperson: Theresa Brunner

Department Queer

The Queer Unit is specifically concerned with the Queer Diversity Dimension, which of course includes all sexual identities (gay, bisexual, transgender, intersexual and queer). This unit also organizes and participates in information and networking events. Representatives of the department also take part in Christopher Street Day (CSD) for FAU. It is also the student contact point for all students who are or have been subject to discrimination specifically with regard to their sexual identity.

Department for Political Education

The Stuve’s Department of Political Education (Referat für Politische Bildung, Ref PB) strives to educate students about politics and especially university politics at FAU in order to counteract the weariness with politics. The department is composed of students who are active in politics as well as in a political party or university group, as well as students who are generally interested in politics.

Department for Ecology and Sustainability

The Department of Ecology and Sustainability (Referat für Ökologie und Nachhaltigkeit, Ref Öko) at Stuve is committed to sustainable student life at FAU and in the cities. They want to improve students’ environmental awareness and integrate current social transformation into everyday university life.

Department of Education and Training

The Department for Teaching and Studies (Referat für Lehre und Studium, Ref LuSt) deals with all topics concerning the organization of teaching and studies at FAU. It is in contact with the Vice President Education and the Department of Teaching and Studies of the Central University Administration.

Department for University Infrastructure

The Department of University Infrastructure (Referat für Universitätsinfrastruktur, Referat FAUstelle) deals with all topics concerning buildings and the arrangement of rooms at FAU. This includes the creation of adequate teaching and learning spaces as well as the integration of the students’ everyday life into the buildings and spaces at FAU.

Department for Urban Development

The Department of Urban Development (Referat für Stadtentwicklung, Ref Stadtleben) deals with all topics concerning the life and studies of students in the cities of Erlangen and Nuremberg. Bicycle-friendliness and the cultural offerings of the cities for the students are only two of the numerous topics.

Civil Clause Working Group

The Working Group Civil Clause is committed to ensuring that teaching, research and study at FAU serve peaceful purposes, enrich the coexistence of peoples and take place in the awareness of preserving the natural foundations of life.

Past and Discontinued Departments

The following departments have existed at some point in time within the framework of student representation. Either they did not find any trainees or they were dissolved in order to transfer their tasks to another department. More information about the former departments and why they no longer exist can be found on the corresponding subpages.