News from the Stuve

The election results are in and we are happy to welcome the new members to the Stuve! This week, the various constituent meetings of the faculty student councils will be held for this purpose, in which it will be determined which three members of each faculty may also join the Student Counsil. Afterwards, the Constituent Student Counsil Meeting will take place on July 22nd at 5 pm in the Senate Hall of the Kollegienhaus. Of course, you are welcome to attend, especially as there are many different positions to be filled which non student council members may also hold. Until the new Student Council chairs are elected, however, the meeting must unfortunately take place without the public, so you are welcome to join us a little later and, for example, take a nice walk in the Schlossgarten since the weather is supposed to be particularly warm on the Friday in question.

Other than that, Stuve events are also gradually slowing down for us as the semester moves – as it always does far too quickly – towards exams. It was an honour for us to be able to continuously bring you back to the university for the first time this semester with big and small events. We hope you were able to make good use of these opportunities and again enjoy the presence with your fellow students and make new contacts.