Information about the 200€ energy price allowance at FAU

The energy price allowance will soon be introduced for us students as well – but unfortunately hidden behind a lot of bureaucracy. To make it easier to keeping track of things and being prepared when the starting signal comes, we have summarized the most important information for you here. You can find a more detailed overview on the flyer for the application.

Update: It was just announced that the codes for the application are planned to be provided by FAU on March 15th.

What requirements do I have to fulfill?
Basically, you must have been enrolled at a university in Germany on December 1st, 2022 and have been residing in Germany in order to be able to apply for the allowance as a student. This also applies to international students. You can find out more about these requirements in the FAQ of the one-time payment.

What can I already prepare for the application?
You must create a bundID account to apply for the allowance. There you can either identify yourself already by using the online ID function (Perso/eID) or ELSTER certificate, or only create an account for now and then use the PIN for identification that FAU will send us soon.

When will we get the codes for the application?
The Ministry (StMWK) will give the go-ahead to the universities as soon as the current testing phase in the various federal states can be completed and any problems that have arisen can be cleared up. At the moment, this is expected to happen at March 15th the lastest. In the meantime, the FAU is preparing a circular email and an information page, which can go live along with the access codes and the PINs for the bundID at the same time.

Where can I get the codes for the application?
FAU will make the personal access codes and PINs for bundID available on campo as soon as it gets the go-ahead from the Ministry. You will find out exactly where they can be found in the circular email that will be sent out or on the information pages that are already being prepared.

By the way:
– The one-time payment of 200 euros is tax-free and is not offset against other social benefits.
– You are also entitled to the one-off payment if you have already received an energy allowance as an employee in September 2022.
– You also have a claim if you recently received other allowances as a BAföG recipient.